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If You Haven't Seen Spider Feet Up Close, Surprise, THEY'RE ADORABLE


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You've all heard of spiders and tarantulas, yeah? You know, those things that frighten humans who are a gazillion times bigger than them?

No, thanks.
Davemhuntphotography / Getty Images

No, thanks.

My motto has always been that you can't trust anything with that many eyes or legs...

anselmbe / Via

^Actual footage of me when I see a spider.

But I saw something so unbelievable and mind-altering today that I am now #TeamSpider.



friendsofpipe / Via Twitter: @FriendsOfPipe

Spiders have adorable feet, and I was too busy developing a deep hatred for them to even notice!

_opalescent_animal_spam_ / Via

Look at their cutie wittle footsies! Actually, if we're being technical, LOOK AT THAT CUTE LITTLE TARSUS.


All I want to do is pet them and put little slippers on them!

f_r_a_n_k_k_ / Via Twitter: @F_r_a_n_k_k_

And paint their wittle toenails (aka claws)!

This is a spider paw. Not only do they have paws, they also have knees. 48 knees. #FunFact

catochaos / Via Twitter: @CatoChaos

And play patty-cake with them!


Basically, my brain is trying to comprehend why some people don't think spider paws are cute.

la_bonja / Via Twitter: @la_bonj
_officialallie / Via Twitter: @_OfficialAllie

Those people who don't like them are wrong. Spider feet are the most precious things ever.

dxmnalondra / Via Twitter: @dxmnalondra
bayyyleaf / Via Twitter: @Bayyyleaf

They're so cuddly and lovable. I'm crying just a little bit because I never knew I was so passionate about them.

Because you loved them so much: more spider paws. #NowYouKnow

friendsofpipe / Via Twitter: @FriendsOfPipe

In summary, they can hold my hand any time.


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