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    If Safety Is Sexy, These 19 Pictures Are Waaaaaaay Ugly

    That's going to be a "no" from me.

    1. This emergency exit that goes to nowhere:

    2. This fire extinguisher that was last inspected over 25 years ago:

    3. This cardboard BOX OF NEEDLES waiting to be disposed of:

    4. This emergency phone that politely asks for you not to have an emergency near it:

    5. This worksite entrance which is just two wooden boards and about 10 rusty bent nails:

    6. This new hire just casually walking around the job site:

    7. This smoke detector with the plastic packaging still on it:

    8. This entire situation that I'd like to hose down with a fire extinguisher:

    9. This Permabond that you definitely don't want to mix up with the eye drops right next to it!!!!!

    10. This fire escape that looks like a really hard video game level:

    11. This combo of beard and saw. YIKES.

    12. This nail that should be much farther away from this person's head than it currently is:

    13. These fake bolts that were GLUED TO A FOUNDATION:

    14. This shelf covering up the emergency defibrillator:

    15. This telephone pole that looks completely and totally architecturally sound:

    16. This filter that practically screams "fire hazard":

    17. This hot mess that's honestly frightening:

    18. This outlet turned water fountain:

    19. Oh, and this doorstop with a nail sticking out of it. Nothing wrong here, right?

    H/T: /r/OSHA