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Remember That Scene Where Ellie Dies In "Up"? Yeah, I Just Learned Something That Makes It EVEN SADDER

Real tears, people. REAL. TEARS.

Hi there. I'm going to try to keep it together for this post, but I can't guarantee anything. You've seen Up, right?

If you have, you know about the sequence at the beginning of the movie showing the perfect relationship between Carl and Ellie that makes us ugly-cry every time.

Well, strap in for this one because I recently learned that the movie used the color pink to slaughter our emotions.

Actually, back in 2015, Pixar ADMITTED to using this tactic to play with us. They said that they developed an "Ellie-magenta" that they used in her scenes.

If you rewatch the montage...

...all you'll see...

...is Ellie...

...and pink hues.

Pink is incorporated subtly throughout the whole montage, including her funeral scene, to make us think of her.

Then, after the funeral (get your tissues out), Carl goes home and the pink in the sky fades away, signifying that he's lost that ray of color in his life.

So, he goes on this epic adventure, meeting Dug and Russell, returning Kevin, and getting color slowly back into his life.

When (wow, I'm actually crying), after Carl gives Russell Ellie's pin, and there's the happy end scene with him, Russell, and Dug...

The scene cuts to his home with Ellie, sitting on Paradise Falls (where she always wanted to go), and the sky is completely filled with "Ellie pink." She finally made it, guys.

Real tears are coming out of my face. Ugh, I'll never get over this movie, and I'll never trust the color pink again.

Did you know this was a thing? Are there more Pixar details that will make me emotionally unwell? Tell me in the comments!