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We Want To Hear Good Tips, Advice, And Secrets From HR Workers

Maybe there are certain things you look for on a résumé that you'd like to share, or underutilized benefits that employers usually include.

I bet being in human resources is a really demanding job. From hiring personnel to managing company benefits to being there if something is wrong, HR employees deal with a wide scope.

So if you're in HR, I want you to give tips and secrets you wish employees knew or utilized.

Maybe in your experience, while HR reps are tight-lipped, assistants gossip, so it's important that employees discuss sensitive issues only with HR and in person.

Two women sitting in office chairs as one whispers in the other's ear

Maybe there are three very specific things you always look for on a winning résumé, and you wish you could tell EVERY prospective employee to include them.

Maybe you want to advise employees to maximize their benefits because you've seen a lot of great benefits get underutilized.

People wearing masks and doing yoga in an office

Or maybe you know a great way for employees to advocate for themselves that you think everyone should be doing.

Whatever it is, HR employees, please share it either 100% anonymously via this Google Form or publicly in the comments below for a chance to have your submission featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!