I Just Learned Geese Have Teeth On Their Tongues And I Hate It

    If I have to see it, so do you.

    You know geese, right?

    If you don't, they're birds. They're in the same family as ducks and swans. They are not scary.

    OR ARE THEY?!?

    Have you ever seen inside a goose's mouth? I sure hadn't, and I didn't realize how lucky I was because look at this monstrosity.


    Your eyes did not deceive you. They do, in fact, have SERRATED TONGUES.

    Like, they have teeth on their tongues in addition to teeth on their beaks.

    rhicats / Via reddit.com

    OK, fine, they aren't ~technically~ teeth. They're called papillae, which are barb-like structures on the tongue that are used for keeping food in the mouth and moving it to the esophagus.

    Papillae also help the geese filter out water and mud when they pick up their food.

    But that doesn't make geese any easier to look at. Their mouths are WEIRD and TERRIFYING.

    I mean, they look like they came straight out of a sci-fi horror movie.

    I guess I just never realized how much damage a goose was capable of. They're wild cards with crazy faces. They should be feared.

    I never want to cross a goose, and you shouldn't either.

    In conclusion, I'm glad I'm not being chased by a goose, and I'm glad I'm not dating a goose because imagine making out with all of those teeth in the back of your goose date's Chrysler Sebring.