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    I Just Learned Geese Have Teeth On Their Tongues And I Hate It

    If I have to see it, so do you.

    You know geese, right?

    Ps50ace / Getty Images

    If you don't, they're birds. They're in the same family as ducks and swans. They are not scary.

    Jremes84 / Getty Images

    OR ARE THEY?!?

    Wikoski / Getty Images

    Have you ever seen inside a goose's mouth? I sure hadn't, and I didn't realize how lucky I was because look at this monstrosity.

    Jayt74 / Via


    Jayt74 / Via

    Your eyes did not deceive you. They do, in fact, have SERRATED TONGUES.

    Mauriziobiso / Getty Images

    Like, they have teeth on their tongues in addition to teeth on their beaks.

    rhicats / Via

    OK, fine, they aren't ~technically~ teeth. They're called papillae, which are barb-like structures on the tongue that are used for keeping food in the mouth and moving it to the esophagus.

    Tommi Ranta / Getty Images

    Papillae also help the geese filter out water and mud when they pick up their food.

    Tommi Ranta / Getty Images

    But that doesn't make geese any easier to look at. Their mouths are WEIRD and TERRIFYING.

    JayT74 / Via

    I mean, they look like they came straight out of a sci-fi horror movie.

    20th Century Fox / Jayt74 / Via

    I guess I just never realized how much damage a goose was capable of. They're wild cards with crazy faces. They should be feared.

    Getty / Universal

    I never want to cross a goose, and you shouldn't either.

    Wikoski / Getty Images

    In conclusion, I'm glad I'm not being chased by a goose, and I'm glad I'm not dating a goose because imagine making out with all of those teeth in the back of your goose date's Chrysler Sebring.

    JayT74 / Via

    No thanks.

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