14 Doggos Who Got Heckin' Tricked

    "I could've swore my human was just there." —Every one of these dogs

    Let's cut down to it: I love dogs, and I love pranks. Therefore, I've been in heaven because people have been posting videos of them pranking their dogs with a simple trick.

    1. You've heard of the trick where you hold up a blanket in a doorway and drop it while you move behind the wall?

    2. Well, it turns out that it's a great way to prank your dog.

    3. And people have been sharing their dog's reactions as part of the #WhatTheFluffChallenge.

    excuse my room lol #WhatTheFluffChallenge 🐶

    4. I can't get enough.

    5. These doggos are hella confused.

    Note: Cutest dog ever... Also, is that a Nic Cage pillow?!? 😩 RT @Dakota_DK: #WhatTheFluffChallenge

    6. Like, they are losing their kibble trying to find out where their owners are going.

    7. These good puppers don't even know what hit them.

    8. "Why did the blanket steal my human?" —this dog, probably.

    9. One minute, the human is there. The next, they're gone. It's mind-boggling.

    10. These pups can't even.

    11. However, some pups are seeing right through their human's prank.

    #WhatTheFluffChallenge didn’t quite go as expected...

    12. *not amused*

    #WhatTheFluffChallenge Wow my dog must hate me

    13. But, I'm grateful that most of them are getting punked because these videos are golden.

    Remember who did it the best #WhatTheFluffChallenge

    14. Now, it's your turn! Prank your dog and use the hashtag #WhatTheFluffChallenge. I'll be refreshing constantly.