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    Yes, Hidden Treasure Is Real And Here's Where It Could Be

    I want a cut when you find it.

    Now, before I tell you what I know about where hidden treasure is, I'd like to go ahead and share with you some people who have already found hidden treasure because, yeah, it's out there.

    1. A couple found $10 million in gold walking their dog.

    2. A man found an original copy of the Declaration of Independence hidden behind a $4 painting at a flea market.

    3. An English man lost his hammer and found over 15,000 coins, rings, and jewelry in 1992.

    4. In 2009, an English man found over $3.2 million in buried treasure.

    5. Between four and 17 billion dollars worth of treasure was found sunken off the coast of Colombia.

    6. Speaking of sunken treasure, treasure hunter Mel Fisher discovered $450 million of sunken loot off of the coast of the Florida Keys.

    7. And a German student found a valuable painting hidden in a thrift store pullout couch.

    If you're like me, you just read all seven of these finds and you've already bought a metal detector. So here are seven more treasures that people think are still out there waiting for you to find:

    8. The Treasure of Forrest Fenn

    9. The Treasure of Lima

    10. The Amber Room

    11. The Golden Owl

    12. Fabergé Eggs

    13. The Lost City of Gold

    14. The Treasure of Dutch Schultz

    OK, there you go. There's your proof that you can find treasure, and my leads on where it may be. But no adventurer should go alone. Who are you going to search for treasure with? Tag them and plan your adventure in the comments below!