I'm No Doctor, But I'm Pretty Sure These 17 Bob Ross Moments Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

    "I can't afford to hate people. I don't have that kind of time."

    1. When he shared the vision he had for his world.

    2. When he made us all aspire to be a tree.

    3. When he showed how a mistake can turn into something good.

    4. When he reminded everyone that life was about balance.

    5. When he proved a colorblind fan wrong in the nicest and purest way possible.

    6. When he encouraged his viewers to free their minds.

    7. When he provided some encouragement.

    8. When he highlighted the silver lining.

    9. When he shared why he loved painting.

    10. When he provided this great outlook.

    11. When he assured you that not being perfect was OK.

    12. When he bonded with a fawn.

    13. When he encouraged his viewers never to give up.

    14. When he talked about his hobbies.

    15. When he introduced Peapod.

    16. When he showed you the difference you can make.

    17. And finally, when he left you with this simple wish.