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    22 Pictures Of Camouflaged Animals That Make Me Lose My Trust In Nature

    Nothing is as it seems...

    1. This spider that looks like it's very much a part of the tree, and makes me worried. Can we trust trees?

    2. This baron caterpillar, which is too pretty and too sneaky to not be venomous. (Spoiler alert: it is.)

    3. This copperhead snake that makes me want to learn how to stilt walk before next autumn.

    4. This dead leaf butterfly that looks exactly like the name.

    5. This master shapeshifter of a cuttlefish that makes me think looking like a rock is a special skill.

    6. This willow grouse that'll take you a hot minute to find unless you're really good at Where's Waldo?

    7. This sole, which is a type of fish and not just a part of a shoe, that kind of makes me never want to touch the sea floor ever again.

    8. This great grey owl that just works with its surroundings.

    9. This jaguar that, sure, is easier to see than the rest of the photos, but if he wasn't moving and you were across the water from him, you would miss him at first glance and poop your pants when you finally spot him. Don't lie.

    10. These long-nosed bats that, if you texted me and told me they were capable of camouflage this good, I would've texted back the "Sure, Jan" GIF from that Brady Bunch episode.

    11. This gulf snapping turtle that you're going to assume I'm gaslighting you into thinking is in the picture because of how well it blends.

    12. This owl moth with such a good camouflage pattern, it makes me think it's a custom paint job.

    13. This bittern who, sure, you can spot rn, but if you were a couple of yards away, forget about it.

    14. This brimstone moth caterpillar that I'm looking at right now and still don't believe it's a real animal.

    15. This caiman that is terrifying and cunning, a potent combo for any supervillain.

    16. This blackcap that, well, I'm not going to give a ton of credit to because this tree looks easy to hide in, but I can respect the attempt.

    17. This coastal leaf-toed gecko that I would 100% accidentally touch when I try to climb over this log.

    18. This spiny katydid that makes me want to write an entire book on why I don't trust tree bark.

    19. This giant leaf-tailed gecko that I legitimately almost didn't include because I said to myself, "There's no animal in that picture."

    20. This great potoo, which TBH I can tell is there hardcore. What I didn't spot was the BABY LEANING AGAINST IT. VERY GOOD CAMOUFLAGE, BABY!!

    21. This cicada that makes me actively want to stay away from trees.

    22. Finally, this cat that has something in common with Roz from Monster's, Inc. They're both always watching.