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    17 Totally True, Totally Random Facts That I Just Have A Very Hard Time Believing

    Here I am looking up playlists for my cheese...

    1. Locals in the Irish town that Viagra is manufactured in claim the fumes from the factory affect men in the town, with one barmaid saying, "One whiff and you're stiff."

    2. Pineapples have flesh-eating enzymes in them, which is why your mouth stings when you eat it.

    3. If you play music to a cheese wheel, the tunes will affect its flavor. Cheese wheels have the strongest flavor when they've listened to hip hop.

    4. Selling sex toys is banned in Alabama.

    5. Birds are indifferent to capsaicin (the component in peppers that makes them spicy), so you can put a chili pepper in a bird feeder and they won't care.

    6. The white lines that divide the road on highways are about 10 feet long.

    7. Humans almost went extinct 75,000 years ago.

    8. Bob Ross was a Master Sergeant in the military.

    9. American Olympians get taxed on their medals if they win a silver or gold in the games.

    10. Bubble wrap was originally designed to be used as wallpaper.

    11. Not only does hot water make a different sound than cold water when poured, 96% of people can correctly guess the temperature based on sound alone.

    12. Mosquitoes can smell which blood type you are.

    13. Bill Hader once got fired from a job at a movie theater for spoiling Titanic to annoying moviegoers.

    14. Most Rubik's cube combinations can be solved in under 20 moves.

    15. TV commercials emit a tone inaudible to the human ear that your smartphone picks up, letting advertisers know that both devices might belong to you.

    16. When the US post office started mailing packages, they also mailed children.

    17. Finally, there's a point in time where Pablo Picasso and Dwayne Johnson were alive at the same time.