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    16 Photos I Challenge You To Find An Explanation For

    Raise a toast to this ghostly post.

    1. This ghost petting a deer.

    a ghost petting a deer

    2. This figure with glowing eyes caught by an EMT on a rural road.

    a black figure with glowing eyes

    3. These photos taken out a window in Colorado of something I can only describe as a bigfoot.

    a strange figure at someone's window

    4. "This is nothing, Audrey." OK, what if I told you this photo was taken in a HAUNTED HOUSE built in an OLD HOSPITAL. Then would you still tell me it's nothing???

    glowing eyes from the darkness

    5. This ghost with a musket casually photobombing.

    a figure with a musket in the background

    6. Read the caption this person posted while I go through my house and lock the doors.

    a face in the reflection of a mirror

    7. OK, I'm back, and I'm scared.

    Twitter: @IconicAutograph

    8. This photo was taken in an empty hallway in Savannah, Georgia. If you know anything about Savannah, you know it's teeming with ghost activity.

    a dark figure in a hallway

    9. This photo someone took from the cabin they rented.

    a figure on the side of a dirt road

    10. This ghost handprint, that I, quite frankly, never want to see again.

    a room full of people

    Here it is zoomed in:

    a handprint on a glass window

    11. This picture taken by someone who says they were the only person in the room. If so, whose feet are those?

    a foot in the background

    12. This clear-as-day security alert that VANISHED:

    a figure in someone's security alert

    13. This fairy?????

    what looks like a bright figure flying

    14. This reflection staring into the distance:

    a dark figure in the mirror

    15. This photo taken by a home inspector that I would promptly withdraw my deposit from.

    a figure in a doorway

    16. Finally, this shadowy ghost someone caught on Google looking at Chernobyl. I pulled it up if you want to see for yourself, but for my scaredy cat sake, I didn't zoom in.

    a dark figure in the trees