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    13 People Whose Holiday Is Off To A Rough Start


    1. This person, who had to suffer an act of malice against their pie crust:

    Meat sitting on someone's pie crust

    2. This person, who I hope gets a new landlord for Christmas:

    Thermostat reading 49 degrees

    3. This person who had to switch gears really quickly:

    "Nah invite whoever haha"

    4. This person who put in so much work for such a sweet gift:

    A shirt on a rack with someone saying they made it for their boyfriend who just broke up with them

    5. This cat, who has to confront its greatest fear every day until Christmas:

    A cat staring at tangerines

    6. This person, who instead of being able to sell their drums in peace, was exposed to a yuletide guilt trip:

    "my beautiful baby boy to go without a crash symbol this Christmas ? You make me sick."

    7. The person who's going to be gifted this Christmas-themed "dog shirt." IDK who they are yet, but I'm pretty sure they're gonna have a bad time:

    Sad-looking dog on a shirt

    8. The person who thought snow was too light and fluffy to do any damage to their car:

    A broken wind shield

    9. The neighbors at house number 482, who had to have committed a heinous crime to be excluded from holiday wishes:

    "Merry Xmas to one and all except 482"

    10. The person who was told to make a "baby lamb" decoration and went a very literal way with it:

    A baby lamb

    11. The person who forgot what a horse looked like:

    A Christmas light display

    12. The person who brain-farted when spelling a cake:

    Cake reading "Thanful"

    13. Finally, this person, who may want to look into getting a new phone battery:

    A broken phone

    Note: Some text has been edited for length and/or clarity.