27 Pics Of Pups With Their Puppuccinos That Will Heal Your Tired Soul

    Because aren't we all addicted to coffee shops?

    1. These furry best buds on a Starbucks date:

    2. This good boy who drove himself to go get a puppuccino:

    3. This pupper who went through tongue training to get all of his drink out:

    4. This pup that is just soaking up the good life:

    5. This pup is all in when it comes to his morning coffee:

    6. This pup that got his first taste of a puppuccino, and will never go back:

    7. This pup that wants to savor every sip:

    8. You really have to get all of it, even the bit on your nose.

    9. This little guy has been extra good and gets a bone on top.

    10. He knows what time it is.

    11. "This puppuccino hits the spot."

    12. "This thing is so good -- you've got to try one."

    13. Best friends share puppuccinos, and these are definitely best friends:

    14. Sometimes you have to get the perfect angle to get to the bottom.

    15. This dog knows puppuccinos are Instagrammable AF.

    16. When you get your puppuccino all over your face because it's so good:

    17. "The euphoric feeling is so intense!"

    18. A good pup deserves a good drink.

    19. Looks like the forecast is furry with a 100% chance of smiles.

    20. Nothing can get between him and a good time.

    21. Seriously, what are dog tongues made of?

    22. All I want is for someone to look at me the way this pup is looking at this puppuccino.

    23. "Just a little bit closer."

    24. "That's the stuff, right there."

    25. You thought your heart was happy when two puppers ate a puppuccino? Try three.

    26. This pup is having a serious stare-down.

    27. This sums it all up pretty well:

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