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18 Things That Happen When You're Freezing Cold At A Restaurant

Baby, it's cold inside.

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1. You walk into a restaurant only to realize that it's a bit chilly, and IT BEGINS.

2. Suddenly, the car feels like it's lightyears away.

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3. You look around, only to realize everybody else is happily enjoying their meal while you suffer.

4. And you look up to see if you're under a fan or air vent.


5. You start out subtly, to see if anyone else feels the same way.

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6. And then you try to casually slip a clue to the waiter.

7. But as dinner goes on, it's the only thing you think about.


8. Someone may ask you if you want their jacket, but that would mean exposing them to the elements — also, complaining is fun.

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9. When you can't take it anymore, you slowly get more and more obvious about how you're feeling.


10. And you turn to the waiter, in hopes that they can do something.


11. You excuse yourself to the bathroom, in hopes that the AC isn't on in there.

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12. Or you step outside, to get a few minutes of relief.


13. You try to do something creative with a cloth napkin for warmth.

14. Or you'll look to a significant other for warmth (this is especially effective in booths).

15. You watch for what feels like an eternity as the waiter brings your check...


16. And you split as soon as that receipt hits the table.


GO, GO, GO!!!!!!!

17. You walk outside to slowly be thawed.


18. And you immediately put a sweater — or winter coat, honestly — in your car for next time.

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