10 TV Shows That Would Be Amazing Broadway Musicals

Treat yo self to these shows you never knew you needed.

1. “Gossip Girl”

JUST PICTURE IT. Leighton Meester as Blair on Broadway in Queen B: The Musical. New hubby Adam Brody as Lonely Boy. And Aaron Tveit, previously known as “Trip Van Der Bilt,” as Nate Archibald. It’s a scandalous love triangle in the making. Can you EVEN imagine, Upper East Siders?

2. “Parks and Recreation”

We already know Donna Meagle can SING and Ron Swanson can DANCE. Add in some numbers like “Do I Look Like I Drink Water?” and “All The Bacon & Eggs You Have” and you have Broadway’s hilarious new musical comedy.

3. “How I Met Your Mother”

No brainer. We have NPH, Cristin Milioti, and Jason Segel (maybe a puppet musical?!). Between previews and opening, I’m sure we could… erm… “fine-tune” that ending a bit.

4. “Chopped”

Think of it as “A Chorus Line” for a new generation. 4 NYC culinary ingenues… vying for their one big break to become “Chopped Champion”. Just don’t make french toast. Or a Napoleon. Or risotto.

5. “Veronica Mars”

Hello Marshmallows! This just in: Kristen Bell needs to be your new Broadway dream. Have you SEEN this video? Enough said.

6. “Pretty Little Liars”

The drama! The lies! The betrayal! The romance! The mystery! Think of the GIANT ensemble cast! For all of the potential members of the A-Team, you’d be able to employ half of NYC’s out of work actor population.

7. “Scandal”

We would pay the big bucks just to see the Olivia Pope costumes. Bonus good reviews for copious wine drinking out of giant glasses and for getting to watch Liv say ‘It’s handled” on a Broadway stage.

8. “GIRLS”

Season 3 of HBO’s GIRLS in particular has been very Broadway-centric. With Adam getting cast in his first production, guest spots by Patti Lupone, and the amazing Andrew Rannells killing it from episode to episode, we say why not? Bring the show to the stage and let us pray this gets cut during previews.

9. “Orange Is The New Black”

Everything about this would be so right. So, so right. Plus, Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, is a seasoned Broadway vet, so she would obviously have to cross-over.

11. “Grey’s Anatomy”

This show has been on for what seems like a million years, and it’s seemingly coming to a natural end. A jump to the stage would make sense. After all, they did do that one musical episode. Grey’s has A TON of memorable music moments, but none more gut-wrenching than “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Tony-worthy!

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