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    Largest And Most Advanced Warehouses In The World

    Do you ever think about the process it took to bring you that new watch from Amazon? Where did it come from? We have found the biggest and most advanced warehouses in the world, Amazon is one of them!

    1) Boeing has the largest warehouse/building in the world!


    Boeings warehouse is as big 80 football fields!

    2) Meyer Werft ship manufacture

    3) Target- 2 million square feet

    4) NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building

    Automated Warehouses

    Warehouses used to consist of a large amount of manual laborers, but now the line is shifting towards automation. These guys are the best in the business so far!

    1) Amazon is ahead of the curve in automation


    Amazon is the most automated warehouse in the world, making it easier for them to ship in two days with Amazon Prime!

    2) Zappos is next on the automated warehouse list

    Via sells shoes around the world, pretty speedy too, I might add.

    3) FexEx is also above the curve


    Now that would be a sweet conveyor system!

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