21 Pet Beds You Didn’t Know You Needed

dogs and cats love to sleep, lets face it, we all do. But like having their own area for nap time sometimes. Check out these crazy, do it yourself and ones your can buy beds.

2. For those who don’t want to cuddle with their pet…

3. Make a pet bed!

Just get some fleece fabric and pillows and you are golden!

4. For the fancy small pet…

Use recycled chair or table legs, a wine crate, and a little bit of fleece.

5. For those who want a little heat or air

6. The pipe bunk-bed

The curtains add a nice touch.

7. The TP house

8. The garden dog house

9. The Hideaway bed

10. The Sweater bed

11. The side-table cubby

Just add a pillow!

12. Their is still a use for these!

13. The traveling bed

I would be afraid it would shut!

14. The shark bed?

15. The princess and the pea bed?

17. The hotdog bed

Perfect for the wiener dog in your life

18. The Crocs bed

I don’t know how I feel about this.

19. The fuzzy bed

20. The Crus’in bed

21. The picnic basket

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