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How The Internet Is Actually Stealing Our Data.

Possibly, maybe, its a working theory.

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So as you probably know, this is an asterisk.

And as you probably also know, in a sign up form they tell us what stuff we HAVE to fill in and what stuff we don't.

And when the internet was young and innocent, sign up forms were brimming with them!

But as companies have got eviller and we've got more internet savvy, they've slowly disappeared...

And this is no trouble, we all know the internet sign up form procedure.

But most of us don't ever seem to check whether the websites actually need this info.

For example, lets say you want to sign up for a Google Mail account.

And you have to fill in all those boring information fields.

So again you start your maximum efficiency form filler procedure.

But in our rush to get through it, we don't notice that Google didn't actually need our phone number or email address in order to sign up.

Why? Because they didn't give us that little asterisk to tell us it was optional! Not even in the help pop-up!

And Google aren't alone....

Microsoft / Via

But its fine, its not like they're giving this information to anyone...

Oh wait...

Oh wait...

So please websites, bring back asterisks....

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