6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should You Live In Turkey

The stuff “lonely planet” forgot to include…

1. You get your own private cinema (sort of).

Generally western films are shown in english and depending on where you live, not many people go see them. Voila! Your own private cinema (sort of).


Yeah, you heard me. It’s pretty awesome. (It’s in Istanbul in case you wanted to know. Which you did. Obviously. Because it’s a Tardis Cafe.)

3. You will taste the best pomegranates ever!

Plus they’re huge! Not like those pathetic supermarket standard, tiny ones! Best eaten with a cold bottle of Efes (Turkish Beer).

4. You can eat a Doner Kebab and not feel like crap afterwards!

I cannot overstate how good Doner Kebabs are in Turkey! Beyoglu Doner (kebab chain), do great ones and can be found pretty much everywhere!

5. You’ll have no excuse to buy an awesome Turkish carpet!

Beautiful, well made and usually quite cheap (as long as you buy from non-touristy areas!)

6. You get to see some breathtaking views.

Why do people always giggle when I show them this view?

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