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  • 6 Things Puffy Can Do To Kill His ‘14 HU Commencement Address

    Yesterday, Howard University announced that Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy will deliver the 2014 commencement speech. Many Uppity Negros called foul. The talented-tenth has no chill. Meanwhile, the value of our degrees went up a notch. Btw, #neverforget Oprah Winfrey dropped out of TN State in 1976. She went on to impact the world, then offered HU a captivating commencement speech in 2007. Diddy is no Oprah, but their stories are indeed similar. He has something of value to share—trust me. Let that Black man be great! Over here, we’re strictly excited about Puff delivering the most inspiring speech ever. So, here are some things the big homie can do to ensure a GREAT address…..

  • 12 Action Responses To The Dunn Verdict

    I won’t fan fire by recapping the details of the Dunn case. I will, however, remind you that ten days from now, February 26, 2014, marks the two year anniversary of the murder of Trayvon Martin. To date, twenty-six children have died as a result of Stand Your Ground cases in Florida. So, in lieu of our collective and righteous rage, here’s a list of possible action responses.

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