50 Awe-Inspiring Reminders Of Just How Insignificant We Are

    Prepare to feel tiiiiny.

    One billion stars

    New view of the blue marble

    Furthest-ever image of the universe

    9 billion pixels of the Milky Way galaxy

    The view 50 million light years away

    Panorama of Mars

    A not-so-dark "dark core"

    A twister on Mars

    Saturn storms

    European panorma at night from the International Space Station

    The "UFO galaxy"

    Groundhog day on Mars

    The Moon and the Milky Way

    Thor's Helmet revisited

    Enterprise flying over NYC

    Janus, one of Saturn's creepy moons

    The Pencil nebula

    Coronal hole on the Sun

    The slow death of R Sculptoris

    Transit of Venus

    Transit of Venus up close

    A rocket launch over an aurora

    Overlapping galaxies

    The remains of supernova W44

    Orion over the Temple of Kukulkan

    Mars Rover Curiosity's descent...

    ...and the long, lonely trek

    Stars forming in the Carina nebula

    Space Shuttle Endeavor cruising through L.A.

    Solar eruptions

    The birth of stars in 30 Doradus

    Perseid meteor shower

    Felix Baumgartner's SpaceFall

    Far away black holes

    Orion's crazy clouds

    Aurora Australis (southern lights) from space

    Spiral galaxies

    Close-up of Saturn's rings

    Centaurus A galaxy

    Hurricane Sandy from space

    A cold fire in Orion's belt

    Electrical flashes seen from the International Space Station

    New views of Eagle nebula

    Phytoplankton blooms in the Atlantic

    Mars Rover Opportunity selfie

    Gaseous ejections from U Camelopardalis

    New views of Helix nebula

    The best space photos of 2012, everyone.