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    20 TikTok Products From Target You'll Feel Pretty Darn Pleased With Yourself For Owning

    If money can't buy happiness, explain why I feel so full with joy adding these TikTok recommendations to my cart. I'll wait.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cozy knitted pullover crewneck sweater that you won't want to take off the whole fall and winter season. Everyone has that one sweater that they will wear with pretty much anything when it's chilly outside — consider this one yours. However, I'd advise buying a few different styles so you won't be known as the person with the [insert color here] sweater wherever you go.

    2. A three-pack of waffle crew socks because your feet deserve the most comfortable socks ever (and according to the reviews, these socks are just that). Also, is it just me or has everyone gone waffle knit crazy? I'm not complaining — just pointing out the obvious.

    the socks in assorted gray colors

    3. A pack of heaven-sent eyelid cleansing wipes for people that have trouble thoroughly cleaning makeup from their eyelids or simply have sensitive lids that are irritated by virtually everything. These pre-moistened pads can tackle anything from stubborn eyeliner to lash glue, in addition to soothing conditions such as stuys. Now, you have absolutely no excuses for raccoon eyes — do better.

    the eyelid cleanser

    4. An all-over balm stick for helping relieve and heal dryness literally from head to toe. It's the convenience of the Vaseline you know and love in a mess-free, travel-friendly version. *Immediately adds three to cart because winter is here and being ashy is not an option*

    model using the all over balm stick

    5. A long-sleeve set of soft pajamas because you made a promise to do away with all of the raggedy T-shirts and leggings that you currently wear as sleep and loungewear. It may be hard to let go, but I assure you that quality, affordable pajamas are a form of self-care that you desperately need.

    6. A Christmas-inspired scented candle so you can finally come to the terms with the fact that you're not getting a real Christmas tree and an artificial one will do just fine. When you find yourself wishing you were grown enough to take care of a real Christmas tree, burn this candle and allow all of your troubles to leave.

    photo of the candle

    7. A salon-quality cuticle remover gel so you can give yourself the best at-home manicure ever. Remember when you said you were going to ease up on your bi-weekly nail appointments and DIY your nails at home to save some money? Yeah, well buy this to make the transition that much easier.

    Model wearing the cuticle remover

    8. A set of nail art brushes because, as I previously stated, I'm determined to give you all of the tools to make your at-home manicures happen. Why make excuses when you can make things happen with affordable tools from Target? That's exactly what I thought.

    model using the art brush

    9. An aesthetically pleasing four-in-a-row game because you're never too old to play games but your newfound obsession with neutral tones won't allow you to place the original brightly colored version in your home. And no, you're not a total weirdo if you play solo from time to time. How else will you practice and put your unexpecting guests to shame?

    the four in a row game set up on a table

    10. A wooden cookbook holder so you can a) put those aesthetically pleasing cookbooks that you rarely touch on display or b) actually use your cookbooks that you were so eager to grab from Target during your last unplanned trip.

    the cookbook holder being used in a kitchen

    11. An affordable, aesthetically pleasing ring light that'll help you start your journey as a TikToker without shelling out lots of unnecessary cash. Let's face it, you're not the greatest at sticking to hobbies, so do yourself a favor and don't blow your paycheck on equipment.

    the ring light saet up

    12. A hyaluronic acid-infused body lotion so your skin can stay smooth, supple, and hydrated even during the cold winter months. This fast-absorbing formula is designed to penetrate through 10 layers of skin meaning you'll never look to another body lotion for all of your hydration needs again.

    model using the body lotion

    13. Or a lightweight hydration body oil because you love options when it comes to skincare. Not only does this body oil smell absolutely divine, but it also does an amazing job of sealing in the moisture in your skin without leaving you looking or feeling greasy. Or in my case, staining your beautiful satin shirt — RIP.

    Photo of the body oil

    14. A 14K gold dipped heart pendant initial necklace because you've been wanting to add affordable jewelry to your collection that won't fade after one wear. Also, if you're getting a headstart on your Christmas shopping like you swore you would last year, this is a good affordable gift to grab for a few people on your list.

    15. A fluffy pair of faux fur slippers because why have regular slippers when you could have this glam yet affordable pair? I'm not saying you should grab a pair for every day of the week but I'm also not saying you shouldn't.

    16. A holiday countdown garland so you can get yourself in the Christmas spirit. I know things have been a bit tough lately, but I hope you can find joy in placing this small piece of holiday decor in your home. Stash small gifts inside the stockings (nothing is too small) for you or anyone entering your home to open while counting down the days.

    the garland displayed on a mantle

    17. A six-piece mascara gift set so you can try some of the top-rated affordable mascaras that Target has to offer. Are gift sets usually intended to gift to other people? Yes. Are you deserving of nice things as well? Also, yes. Now that we've cleared that up, grab this set so you can become well-versed in mascara and share your knowledge with your friends, aka your two TikTok followers.

    the mascaras included in the set

    18. A #cleantok famous sponge that is unlike any other sponge you've ever used in your life (in the greatest way possible). One of the coolest things about this sponge is that it changes texture depending on water temperature—stiffer in cold water for harsher scrubbing and softer in warm water for gentle cleansing. Also, I just realized I'm at the age where I find cleaning supplies exciting. Crying. BRB

    the scrub daddy sponge on a sink faucet

    19. A new Target-exclusive clean fragrance that you absolutely won't regret adding to your growing collection. The notes in this fragrance are bright bergamot, dewy orange blossom, coconut orchids, and sandalwood. While I know you're no perfume connoisseur, I felt inclined to share that information with you.

    person spraying the perfume

    20. And a comfortable, creamy matte finish lipstick that is an apparent dupe for a famous prestige lip product. If you can't fathom paying more than $10 for a lipstick but still want something that looks amazing AND has amazing quality, look no further.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.