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    27 Things From Target That’ll Help You Stay Stylish, Even As The Temps Start To Drop

    The temperatures may be cold, but it's nothing ~Tarjay~ style can't handle.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A bold double-breasted plaid overcoat screaming, "I have arrived!" There's never a dull moment when one prances around in their chic, affordable statement coat when the chilly season rolls around. Also, there's something about rocking plaid in the fall and winter that makes you feel like you're channeling major '90s Clueless vibes. "Ugh. As if!"

    model wearing the green, blue and yellow plaid overcoat

    2. A cozy-season-approved corduroy bucket hat because bucket hats are for every season — you just need to find the most appropriate textiles for the weather. These babies are superior for two reasons: 1. They instantly make you look like a fashion icon, and 2. If you're having a bad hair day, no one will ever know (as if it was their business anyway). I rest my case.

    3. A pair of high-rise fleece joggers you can wear on your next grocery run or when you're at home just chilling on the couch. Prepare to be known as the person with [insert color here] sweats because chances are you won't be able to let these out of your sight. I totally understand.

    4. A jacquard-knit shacket for the days when mother nature isn't quite sure what mood she's in. Shackets are great because they're the happy medium between freezing in a lightweight shirt and throwing on a heavier jacket that you'll inevitably sweat in. On another note, is anybody else starting to feel like seasons are a myth at this point?

    5. A pair of durable opaque tights so you can still wear your beloved skirts and dresses as we transition into the colder months. Additionally, you can layer them under distressed jeans since you, too, were convinced that all the jeans you own needed to have cuts and holes (and many of them).

    6. A short puffer jacket because apparently, they're on trend for the fall and winter. Did anyone else plead with their parents as teens to stop ruining their cool by forcing them to wear bulky puffer jackets to school? Oh, how the tables have turned!

    model wearing the puffer coat in pink

    7. A pair of faux leather and fur hiking boots equal parts functional and fashionable. Chances are these boots may never see a hiking trail, but you'll certainly find many ways to wear them outside of trekking through the wilderness.

    the hiking boots in taupe

    8. A sherpa, buckle-strapped pair of clogs that you'll find yourself getting endless compliments in, so prepare yourself to airdrop the link. While it's the impeccable style that will reel you in, you'll live in these shoes due to the comfortable memory foam lining. Like, seriously be prepared to not want to take these babies off.

    the slip on clog with white fur and brown buckle

    9. A soft shawl collar jacket as warm and toasty as it looks. This is the kind of jacket that you obviously wear outside but also around the house just because you can't get enough of it. The raw-trimmed accents and dropped shoulders are just the perfect added touch to give this cozy wardrobe essential just a bit more personality.

    10. A must-have pair of aviators because who said you can't rock a pair of stunner shades during chilly season? Nobody, that's who. Besides the irresistible style of these sunglasses, you'll love the comfortable fit and shatter-resistant tech.

    the aviator sunglasses in black

    11. A not-so-basic long-sleeve pullover sweatshirt just in case you're a cozy fiend but occasionally need to leave the house. This is the perfect compromise to stay true to yourself while somewhat adhering to what society deems appropriate going out clothes.

    12. A ribbed polo sweater dress you can wear with so many different shoe options. Feeling a bit sporty? Throw it on with some sheer tights and comfy sneakers. Want to dress them up? Pair them with your favorite tall boots. Simple as pie.

    13. A classic pair of Chelsea boots because they never get out of style (no explanation needed). You've been saying for years you were going to grab some for all the fall and winter looks you've been dreaming of. Consider this a friendly reminder.

    14. A casual yet chic metallic turtleneck sweater for the days when warmth is your main concern but you'd appreciate looking polished. FYI, this is from the Future Collective with Kahlana Barfield Brown, and if there's one thing that Kahlana knows, it's impeccable must-have stylish pieces for your wardrobe.

    model wearing the turtleneck sweater in black

    15. A collared pullover polo-style sweater so you can have yet another way to rock stylish knits this fall and winter. If there's one thing for certain, you can't ever say I never gave you anything. Target sweaters are absolute gems, and you deserve them all.

    16. A leopard print crewneck sweater because who are we kidding — this print never goes out of style no matter what the fashion critics may say. How can you resist this print paired with some black jeans and a cute pair of booties? Spoiler: You can't!

    model wearing the leopard print top

    17. An oversize quilted nylon bomber perfect for layering when you're not in the mood to throw on the bulkiest piece of outerwear that you own. May I point out that in all my years, I can't recall one fall or winter season where bomber jackets weren't in style? Let that process for a bit.

    model wearing the bomber jacket in cream

    18. A casual, cute pair of ribbed wide-leg sweater pants that you wouldn't have been caught dead in a few years ago, but now we're living in the era of "comfortability is cuteness," so it's a no-brainer. Grab them in multiple colors while you can!

    19. A felt "captain's hat" because not only does the name sound cool, but it looks pretty cute too. If you always liked the idea of wearing a baseball cap or dad hat but find them to be just a bit too sporty, this hat is the step in the right direction. Take it from someone that is obsessed with wearing many hats.

    the hat in burgundy

    20. A go-to pair of wide-leg jeans so you can embrace the fact that skinny jeans are officially a thing of the past (hooray!). And, yes — all of the pockets are fully functional because who has time for ones that aren't?

    21. A stylish sherpa tote that works great as a work bag or a spend-the-night bag for the cold nights when you want to snuggle up with bae and get away from your roommate (finally). You know how I feel about fashion and functionality — this bag is another prime example of that.

    22. A button-front cardigan because, say it with me, "Fall! Is! Layering! Season!" and a cardigan is the ultimate layering piece. Throw it on over a tee on surprisingly warm days or snuggle up under a puffer + this baby on those days you're trying to convince yourself you don't actually live in the arctic tundra even though it certainly feels like you do.

    model wearing the cardigan in cream

    23. A faux leather button-down shirt in case you haven't gotten the memo that we're rocking all pleather everything for the next few months. Does the pleather on pleather look channel '70s Shaft? Yes. Is it a vibe? Again, yes!

    24. A Y2K-inspired velour zip-up hoodie — it wouldn't be a real shopping list if I didn't find a way to incorporate one of the most questionable yet aesthetically pleasing fashion eras ever. It's super cute and cozy and may be worth grabbing one for your not so "regular mom" — she's a cool mom. (I love you always, Mean Girls.)

    model wearing the zip up hoodie in pink

    25. A stretchy pair of faux leather leggings that will instantly become your favorite bottoms simply because there's no top or shoe that you can't rock with them. The style is an immediate yes, but wait until you see the price point. Just wow!

    model wearing the black leggings

    26. A cotton long-sleeve T-shirt because you can't have enough of them when the temperature falls. Pro-tip: Instead of storing away your short-sleeve shirts, try layering them over long sleeves. This looks especially good with your favorite graphic tees.

    model wearing the shirt in white

    27. A two-piece long-sleeve pajama set here to elevate the way you catch your Zzzs. If you haven't yet subscribed to the idea of having actual matching pajamas instead of sleeping in rags, may the smiling face of this below model entice you. But also, take my word for it — I love a matching PJ set.

    model wearing the pajama set in black

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