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    21 Things From Lululemon To Add To Your Summer Workout Wardrobe

    And all at a discount, thanks to Lululemon's "We Made Too Much" section.

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    Did you know that Lululemon has a "We Made Too Much" section where you can grab some classic pieces at a discounted price? Scoring another pair of your *favorite* bike shorts just got even more exciting! Here's some of our favorite finds to get your cart started:

    1. A pair of super soft InStill high-rise leggings that were designed for yoga but you'll probably end up wearing every chance you get. The smoothing support of these leggings is great when you need to stretch, hit a pose, or simply want to feel cute and cozy.

    model wearing the leggings

    2. A pair of wide waistband Wunder Under shorts that come equipped with a pocket. Powered by a supportive yet stretchy fabric, these sweat-wicking shorts are perfect for a hot and steamy workout sesh.

    model wearing the shorts

    3. A contoured fit racerback tank that comes in enough colors and patterns for you to grab one for every day of the month. No one truly needs to have that many tanks but it's nice to have the option (especially when it's as comfortable as this one).

    4. A buttery, soft pair of flared pants that are equally as appropriate for the gym as they are for running errands (aka heading to Lululemon to see what new cute arrivals have hit the racks).

    model wearing the pants

    5. A functional tennis skirt that features a long lining for coverage (in case you want to wear it while sprinting). One of the best details is the pocket in the lining that's perfect for holding a tennis ball, phone, or anything else you'd want to keep close to you.

    model wearing the skirt

    6. A pair of chic low-rise shorts that offer lots of room to move freely. The mesh panels will help you stay cool while you're exercising during this hot girl summer.

    model wearing the shorts

    7. A reliable pair of cropped leggings because you can never have enough leggings with pockets. FYI, there's a hidden drawcord inside so you can easily adjust the fit as needed.

    model wearing the leggings

    8. An "anti-stink" running top for the days you're going extra hard at the gym. In case you're wondering how it works, the fabric is treated with a formula called "No-Stink Zinc" that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. That's innovation at its finest.

    model wearing the top

    9. A sweat-wicking longline sports bra that also feels cool to the touch. Tip: If you don't care for cups in your sports bra, these are removable.

    model wearing the sports bra

    10. A pair of squat-test approved biker shorts that are incredibly lightweight. These shorts feature two side pockets and five waistband pockets because Lululemon understands the assignment.

    model wearing the shorts

    11. A classic-fit tank with reflective details and mesh panels for breathability. The verdict on this tank is that you won't get enough of it so you might as well grab a few while they're on sale.

    model wearing the top

    12. A medium support sports bra that comes in some of the prettiest yet funky patterns that you can imagine. As an added bonus, the comfort and support that you'll receive from this bra is unmatched.

    model wearing the sports bra

    13. A reversible tank top that you can wear as a full coverage scoop-neck or as a V-neck, just by flipping it around. This is the kind of 2-for-1 special you've been dreaming of.

    14. A seamless shirt that's made with a unique fabric to control odor. Reviewers sing this shirt's praises because of its comfortable fit — chances are, you'll find yourself lounging in it from time to time (aka every day).

    model wearing the shirt

    15. A chic, mesh-back tennis dress so sweat won't cramp your style while you're slaying on the court. There are so many things to love about this dress so we won't be surprised if it gets some off-court action.

    model wearing the dress

    16. A functional sports bra with a back zippered pocket that can hold your phone without being noticeable. This sports bra gives a whole new meaning to "support system."

    Model wearing the sports bra

    17. A pair of fast-drying high-waisted leggings that sit right above your ankles. With over 30 colors and patterns, we're sure you'll find quite a few to add to your summer workout wardrobe.

    Model wearing the orange leggings

    18. A long-sleeve seamless T-shirt so you can make chafing a thing of the past. This tee also has thumbholes if you're into that kind of thing. 👍🏽

    Model wearing the shirt

    19. An oversized, cropped T-shirt with "Lululemon" written on the front so everyone can know just how much of a fan you are. This shirt is great to throw on to keep the sun off your skin during a hike or when you just want to rep Lululemon.

    model wearing the shirt

    20. A relaxed-fit tank top that feels like it has a built-in breeze during those intense Peloton sessions. This tank is a fan favorite, so get it while it's hot (and on sale)!

    model wearing the tank

    21. And a *perfect* pair of biker shorts that are a heaven-sent on low impact days. Even if you're not a fan of biker shorts, you'll be thoroughly impressed with how weightless and soft these are.

    model wearing the biker shorts

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