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    The 36 One Direction Products On Etsy You Need To Buy Now

    If you want the world to know you are a true directioner, buy these life changing products immediately.

    1. Larry Stylinson inspired 'TaTee' / Via

    Wear this under all of your clothing to prove you're a true fan.

    2. Boy Nail Decals / Via

    "To show your One Direction infection with pride!"

    3. Harry Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern / Via

    Because every One Direction fan is also an avid cross-stitcher!

    Which is apparently a popular idea: / Via

    Because if you're going to sell a One Direction product on Etsy, the obvious choice is a cross-stitch pattern.

    4. Zayn Malik Pillow Doll / Via

    So your dream of 'sleeping' with a member of One Direction can finally come true!

    5. Cake Topper Edible Fondant Icing / Via

    Just what you want staring up at you on your birthday! Just hope your name isn't longer than five letters. For $146!!

    6. Inspired Decorative Pillows / Via

    Just what guests need to feel welcome in your living room!

    7. Harry Styles Wall Art / Via

    The perfect addition to a guest room.

    8. Hot Pose Phone Case / Via

    The most subtle way to let everyone know you're a fan. Definitely a conversation starter, and only $6.99! What a steal!

    9. Set of Five Pillows / Via

    To feel like you're cuddling with One Direction every night!

    10. Despicable Me 2 Minion Shirt / Via

    The collaboration everyone asked for.

    11. Twerk Team Crop Top / Via

    Twerking should be encouraged at all times.

    12. Mrs Harry Styles Laptop Sticker / Via

    Bringing your laptop to the library will always be a friend making opportunity!

    13. Easter Basket / Via

    FACT: You're not a true directioner until you have merchandise for every holiday.

    14. Messenger Bag / Via

    You can tell all your friends you found cute boys to carry your books.

    15. Personalized Glass Ornament / Via

    Get one for your dad too.

    16. Seat Belt Cover / Via

    Just what your car needs, or your mom's car.

    17. Personalized Wall Clock / Via

    The color choice is spot on, though the background is confusing.

    18. Personalized Wall Art / Via

    Basically like they're in your room every night, Casey.

    19. Flats / Via

    Your new go-to for formal occasions.

    20. Boy Band Set / Via

    A very lifelike representation to show your love.

    21. Pillowcase / Via

    So everyone that goes in your room knows that One Direction is British.

    22. Backpack / Via

    "Ideal for unisex gift."

    23. Personalized Lip Balm / Via

    Never have someone steal a lip balm again.

    24. Duct Tape Flower Pen / Via

    Makes doing homework fun!

    25. Edible Icing Photo / Via

    Great for your 18th Birthday!

    26. Looseleaf / Via

    Turn in all your assignments on this, A+ guaranteed for swag.

    27. Sweatshirt / Via

    Wear this to the bar for guaranteed action.

    28. Harry Styles Slippers / Via

    Wear these with leggings and the sweatshirt and you'll get hit on all the time.

    29. Personalized Acrylic Door Plaque / Via

    So everyone knows it's your room, Charlie ;)

    30. All Band Members Astrology Reports / Via

    For a directioner that has everything else.

    31. Harry Styles Giant Wall Art / Via

    For a sophisticated vibe.

    32. Pocket Watch / Via

    For an even stronger suit and tie game.

    33. Doll Outfit / Via

    Your doll can show her love too!

    34. Dog Collar / Via

    This should be a must have for every directioner dog.

    35. Bumper Sticker / Via

    So all cars know to leave room for your awesomeness.

    36. Flip Flops / Via

    The perfect accent piece for any outfit.

    What I learned: you can get anything you want One Direction themed on Etsy.