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    The 36 One Direction Products On Etsy You Need To Buy Now

    If you want the world to know you are a true directioner, buy these life changing products immediately.

    1. Larry Stylinson inspired 'TaTee'

    2. Boy Nail Decals

    3. Harry Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern

    Which is apparently a popular idea:

    4. Zayn Malik Pillow Doll

    5. Cake Topper Edible Fondant Icing

    6. Inspired Decorative Pillows

    7. Harry Styles Wall Art

    8. Hot Pose Phone Case

    9. Set of Five Pillows

    10. Despicable Me 2 Minion Shirt

    11. Twerk Team Crop Top

    12. Mrs Harry Styles Laptop Sticker

    13. Easter Basket

    14. Messenger Bag

    15. Personalized Glass Ornament

    16. Seat Belt Cover

    17. Personalized Wall Clock

    18. Personalized Wall Art

    19. Flats

    20. Boy Band Set

    21. Pillowcase

    22. Backpack

    23. Personalized Lip Balm

    24. Duct Tape Flower Pen

    25. Edible Icing Photo

    26. Looseleaf

    27. Sweatshirt

    28. Harry Styles Slippers

    29. Personalized Acrylic Door Plaque

    30. All Band Members Astrology Reports

    31. Harry Styles Giant Wall Art

    32. Pocket Watch

    33. Doll Outfit

    34. Dog Collar

    35. Bumper Sticker

    36. Flip Flops

    What I learned: you can get anything you want One Direction themed on Etsy.