The 36 One Direction Products On Etsy You Need To Buy Now

If you want the world to know you are a true directioner, buy these life changing products immediately.

1. Larry Stylinson inspired ‘TaTee’

Wear this under all of your clothing to prove you’re a true fan.

2. Boy Nail Decals

“To show your One Direction infection with pride!”

3. Harry Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern

Because every One Direction fan is also an avid cross-stitcher!

Which is apparently a popular idea:

Because if you’re going to sell a One Direction product on Etsy, the obvious choice is a cross-stitch pattern.

4. Zayn Malik Pillow Doll

So your dream of ‘sleeping’ with a member of One Direction can finally come true!

5. Cake Topper Edible Fondant Icing

Just what you want staring up at you on your birthday! Just hope your name isn’t longer than five letters. For $146!!

6. Inspired Decorative Pillows

Just what guests need to feel welcome in your living room!

7. Harry Styles Wall Art

The perfect addition to a guest room.

8. Hot Pose Phone Case

The most subtle way to let everyone know you’re a fan. Definitely a conversation starter, and only $6.99! What a steal!

9. Set of Five Pillows

To feel like you’re cuddling with One Direction every night!

10. Despicable Me 2 Minion Shirt

The collaboration everyone asked for.

11. Twerk Team Crop Top

Twerking should be encouraged at all times.

12. Mrs Harry Styles Laptop Sticker

Bringing your laptop to the library will always be a friend making opportunity!

13. Easter Basket

FACT: You’re not a true directioner until you have merchandise for every holiday.

14. Messenger Bag

You can tell all your friends you found cute boys to carry your books.

15. Personalized Glass Ornament

Get one for your dad too.

16. Seat Belt Cover

Just what your car needs, or your mom’s car.

17. Personalized Wall Clock

The color choice is spot on, though the background is confusing.

18. Personalized Wall Art

Basically like they’re in your room every night, Casey.

19. Flats

Your new go-to for formal occasions.

20. Boy Band Set

A very lifelike representation to show your love.

21. Pillowcase

So everyone that goes in your room knows that One Direction is British.

22. Backpack

“Ideal for unisex gift.”

23. Personalized Lip Balm

Never have someone steal a lip balm again.

24. Duct Tape Flower Pen

Makes doing homework fun!

25. Edible Icing Photo

Great for your 18th Birthday!

26. Looseleaf

Turn in all your assignments on this, A+ guaranteed for swag.

27. Sweatshirt

Wear this to the bar for guaranteed action.

28. Harry Styles Slippers

Wear these with leggings and the sweatshirt and you’ll get hit on all the time.

29. Personalized Acrylic Door Plaque

So everyone knows it’s your room, Charlie ;)

30. All Band Members Astrology Reports

For a directioner that has everything else.

31. Harry Styles Giant Wall Art

For a sophisticated vibe.

32. Pocket Watch

For an even stronger suit and tie game.

33. Doll Outfit

Your doll can show her love too!

34. Dog Collar

This should be a must have for every directioner dog.

35. Bumper Sticker

So all cars know to leave room for your awesomeness.

36. Flip Flops

The perfect accent piece for any outfit.

What I learned: you can get anything you want One Direction themed on Etsy.

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