The 11 Best Replies To One Direction’s Tweets

One Direction fans will reply with ANYTHING to their tweets, and apparently just really want a follow.

1. I’m sure he said that.

Harry was just asking for that, let’s be honest.

2. Who wouldn’t fall for that line?

Completely irrelevant to the tweet, but Alex Goldschmidt don’t care.

3. Relevancy is apparently very unimportant when asking for a follow.

If I were Zayn I’d definitely follow for the fried chickens.

4. Relevancy aside, these one-liners are killer.

Alex Goldschmidt types 140 characters of pure golden pick up lines.

5. Swag!

Joke’s on Anna, because that’s definitely Louis in her icon.

6. Relevancy is a plus!

This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful poem, or a subtle innuendo? I’ll leave the decision to you.

7. Directness is best.

She know’s what she wants and is not afraid to broadcast that to everyone that follows her.

8. One letter tweet, infinite possibility of replies.

And this girl nailed it, especially with the emoticon at the end.

9. Sarcasm?

I genuinely hope not, I 100% agree, ice ice bby.

10. Clever, you win.

I personally would have gone with my lip gloss, but to each his own.

11. She gets the gold medal.

Where most fans took the obvious innuendo route, Dani took the high road.

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