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Signs You Are Having A Hard Time Being A Human Girl

An ode to the awkward ladies.

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1. This is your go to hairstyle for most social functions.

ALYSA_STRYKER / Via Instagram

2. This option is a close runner up.

lacietomlinson / Via Instagram

3. Your understanding of how to flirt seems to be getting worse.

Threadless / Alysa Stryker / Via


morninglory22 / Via

5. Your idea of dressing up is putting a nice sweater over a not nice sweater.


6. Places such as Sephora are your personal hell.

7. One of your bras has lace on it and that's elegant in your book.

8. You have the posture of a tired goose.

Roberto Alamino / Via

9. People get visibly nervous when you try to fill a silence.

PiZap / Alysa Stryker / Via


PiZap / Alysa Stryker / Via

11. People consider cancelling their relationship with you after watching you eat.


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