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17 Reasons Pigeons Are The Absolute Worst

The worst, I tell ya!

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1. They strut out into a scenario. / Via Instagram

2. And it can be uncomfortable. / Via Instagram

3. They will create a witty scenario in which they look like they are in a picture frame. / Via Instagram

(But the bird is not actually in a picture frame.)

4. They will wear a food item as a necklace. / Via Instagram

And it looks so avant garde.

5. Humans get a real kick out of birds being on top of their heads. / Via Instagram

6. And pigeons take advantage of that. / Via Instagram

7. They tend to look like they have a better idea than you do. / Via Instagram

8. Which they probably do. / Via Instagram

9. They try to take a normal task and make it exciting or even slightly dangerous.

10. They’ll take a seat anywhere if they feel like they’ve had enough. / Via Instagram

11. They will stare you down for a strange amount of time. / Via Instagram

12. They do not disclose why. / Via Instagram

13. They often look as though they are getting ready to perform a musical number. / Via Instagram

14. Are they? / Via Instagram

15. The head bob is confusing and mysterious.

16. But catchy.

17. But hey, I guess we gotta live with 'em.

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