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    • astrobuzz

      It is precisely my point that the stunt is tinged with irony - there must be love to begin with for this to be even envisaged by reasonable people. But ‘mcjecca’, you do highlight a much more interesting and key point in the matter and I get it but i’d like to challenge what you currently think by proposing that you do indeed “get” a man to marry you. You must or it simply doesn’t happen. One does it perhaps without realising it. It may be difficult to see this if you’re in the fog of young love as it can be blinding but marriage is an exchange, an arrangement that is far from guaranteed. There is, and must be by definition a quid pro quo for both people and I’m not talking about sandwiches or laundry here. The bitter reality is that the responsibilities and sacrifices of marriage exist beyond its mere symbolism, however pure. Entitlement is when you have grown to believe that you are that special and unique snowflake, and that this alone will make a man of substance abandon his likely highly beneficial regular course of life and commit. What do you have to put on the table? The bitterness I read seems to stem from women unfortunately stubbornly hitting that wall over and over again on this precise matter without ever challenging her constructs and refusing to stare reality in the face. You don’t have to of course, and you don’t have to even like it if you do, but it is what it is.

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