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  • The books are still needed? It depends.

    It is said that one day, a young woman asked Mark Twain which was the value of the books. “It’s priceless,” said the American writer. “Okay, but what are they?” She insisted. “It depends. A leather bound book is excellent for sharpening the razor. A little book, concise, write about how the French used to wonder at the shorter leg of a coffee table. An ancient book bound in parchment is a great bullet for the cats. As an atlas, with its wide leaves, can offer the appropriate paper to replace the broken glass. “

  • The Truth About My “abduction” By The Cosmic Brothers

    In 2010, when I published The Gospel cosmic signing it with the pseudonym Astor, many wondered if the book was actually a novel, as it was stated on the cover, or the testimony of a real life experience concealed under the veil of fiction. After three years, the interest and in some respects the outcry from the book, has not failed. These days, the magazine International UFO Magazine published a wonderful article on the topic of eight pages created by Angelo Iacopino, which delves into the subject with seriousness and without presuming to make judgments (which, unfortunately, happens frequently in the world of contactees ).

  • To Overcome The Fear Of The Dead Just To Make Them Laugh

    The fourth story of the new Giuseppe Bresciani’s book “The Song of the perch” is surreal and somewhat macabre. Could fall within the literary genre which led the Romans to exclaim ” castigat laughing mores “, literally” corrects the costumes laughing. ” In fact, this is not an ancient Latin phrase, placed on the front of many theaters, dates from the seventeenth century and was pronouncing the French poet Jean de Santeul, said Santolius. ‘s story The man who entertained the dead is, in fact, a sweet story bitter-and education together. Rice, called for nothing less than the deceased whose soul is not pierced at all, is an opportunity to expose hidden truths, and flogged human faults. The spirits that dwell in the monumental cemetery of Como unexpectedly found a friend that will lift them out of boredom and amuse. It is not one of them but a living human being, an old man who discovers his gift for unforgettable event and will make his last days. It’s called Abbondio and turning to his audience of lost souls declared: “Every time one laughs off a nail to the coffin.” This story is troubling and perplexing because of its peaceful transgressive force, has some sort of moral hidden between the lines, jokes and anecdotes from the dispensed protagonist. This could be summed up in one sentence of the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit reminds us that as long as we live, “a laugh can be a very powerful thing. Sometimes in life, it is the only thing we have left. “

  • Nile river, the cradle of civilization and the Womb of providence

    There are several ways to get acquainted with Egypt - I have already written, for example, to stay overnight on Mount Sinai - but the main way to grasp the essence is river. The cruise on the River Nile is not only an unforgettable experience for the suggestions that feeds, is a spectacular journey through time and an escape in the uncharted territory of the soul, in search of ancestral silence that dazzles and regenerates. L ’ Hymn to the Nile , written 5,000 years ago on a sheet of papyrus, introduces us to experience this unique and priceless. “Health to thee, O Nile that you came from Earth, who have come to live in Egypt. It is he who irrigates the fields, which is created by Ra to experience all the cattle, which quenches the thirst of the desert, far from the water. It is he who makes the stores become full, which makes large barns, giving something to the poor, that gives rise to the trees according to the desire of each and there is no lack of them. ” More than an experience river, sail down the Nile tantamount to a trip in the bosom of Providence…

  • The Revolution In Italian Politics

    There are two diametrically opposed ways to evaluate the outcome of the Politics Election Italian, laid down by a vote of 24 to 25 February. The glass is half empty. Or, the glass is half full. Both points of view are realistic but only one of them can help us to understand the historical value of this election.

  • Fuerteventura, The Island That Attracts Aliens

    The Phoenicians called the “Islands of the Blessed” or “Fortunate Isles”. Hesiod, Ptolemy , Plutarch and others talk about it. The ancients knew the mysterious islands by the mild climate that arise as pinholes in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, and identified with the Elysian Fields. It was thought that the gods for allocating the heroes spend an eternal happy life in virtue of the fact that the vegetation would provide food that humans had no need to work the land. The first person to identify with the Canary Islands was Pliny the Elder. Today, the archipelago of the Canary Islands consists of seven main islands and two children, all of volcanic origin, is a tourist paradise that belongs to Spain. Of the seven major islands, I like to remember the oldest and second by size. I refer to Fuerteventura, an extraordinary place where the boundaries of reality, to all intents and purposes, you can live peacefully, away from the world and its troubles. Fuerteventura is one of those exclusive places where you can hide or be forgotten. Live can be a free choice or a compulsion. The poet and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno was exiled there. His house is located in Puerto del Rosario, the island’s capital. There are those who land at Fuerteventura by accident and it remains conquered. As Unamuno writes, “the case is the inner rhythm of the world, is the soul of poetry.” Rhythm and poetry have taken root here in the shade of tropical plants.

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