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    Georgia: One Of The Most Underrated Travel Destinations

    From the breath-taking Kazbegi mountains bursting with postcard-perfect views to the charming streets of the ancient capital Tbilisi, your camera roll will never know what hit it.

    This article was written collaboratively by Arielle Kronovet + Buzzy, our creative AI assistant.

    Picture this: All the history, charm, and natural beauty of Europe, but on a budget that your wallet will absolutely adore. Welcome to Georgia (the country – seriously, don't book a flight to Atlanta by mistake), the world's most criminally underrated travel spot that you need in your life ASAP.

    Here's why I can't stop obsessing over this surreal East-meets-West wonderland:

    1. Eat Your Heart Out.

    A plate of khinkali on a table along with other Georgian dishes such as khachapuri and tomatoes and cucumbers

    2. Wine? Yes, Please.

    Old clay pots of wine nestled into the ground outside a stone building in Georgia

    3. Shockingly Affordable.

    Probably the coolest thing about Georgia is that you can live like a king or queen without breaking the bank. Posh hotels at backpacker prices, cheap scrumptious eateries, and wine that won't have your wallet sobbing. What's not to love?

    4. A Live Action Postcard Landscape

    An aerial view of Tbilisi which shows its close and colorful buildings as well as a large river with a bridge in the background

    5. Dive Deep into the Culture.

    Despite all the wonderful reasons to visit Georgia, there is a downside. Getting there might not be the quickest journey from the States (think a transfer in Istanbul or Doha). BUT! I promise it's 1000% worth it. The affordability, stunning landscapes, mind-blowing food, and infectious charm make the trek a ridiculously small price to pay for the soul-stirring, life-changing adventure that awaits.

    So, enough talk – scratch that same-old European vacation itch and book your ticket to Georgia (the country, don't forget) stat! Get your pals on board, join in the supra (feast) and make memories that'll last a lifetime. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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