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The Seven Stages Of Becoming A College Senior

AKA The Seven Stages of Don't Make Us Graduate!

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Stage 1: Ignorance / Via

You just finished your Junior year of college! Congrats! Maybe you spent that year at school or maybe you were abroad, but either way the idea of the "S-word" hasn't fully sunk in yet. When people ask you what year you're in, you still mistakenly say that you're a Junior. Enjoy this stage of blissful ignorance!

Stage 2: Denial / Via

You no longer simply "forget" you are no longer an underclassmen, but instead you pretend that it's just not happening. "No I'm not a Senior!!! What are you talking about? I'm a Rising Senior, it's very different!!!!!"

Stage 3: Shock


When enough people have told you that referring to yourself as a "Rising Senior" is stupid, you move on to the next stage: shock. Every person who dares to ask you about school gets the "holy shit I cannot believe I'm a Senior!" ramble (that you've perfected).

Stage 4: Sadness


Once the initial shock dissipates, you start to think obsessively about all of the things you will miss about college. You find yourself telling any underclassmen that you can find to "cherish" their non-Senior status... between sobbing and weirdly staring into the distance, that is.

Stage 6: FEAR


You've finally passed the coping stage and you arrive at stage 6: FEAR. You realize that being a college senior means job searches, grad school applications, senior theses, apartment hunting, and general adulting.

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