Student Publishes Amazing Statistics On The Population Of Middle-Earth

Did you know the life expectancy of a Hobbit is 96.24 years old? Swedish chemical engineering student Emil Johansson has published his findings from a project of doing a complete Middle-Earth genealogy.

Did you know the life expectancy of a Hobbit is 96.24 years old? Or that there are only 19% female characters mentioned in Tolkien’s works?

Back in January Swedish chemical engineering student Emil Johansson published a website with a complete genealogy of Middle-Earth. Now, he has derived some interesting numbers and statistics from the database of 923 characters and published them as beautiful graphs.

Most graphs are interactive, such as this one showing how the population has changed throughout the history of Middle-Earth. The huge spike is naturally very close to when the War of the Ring occurred.

In the Lord of the Rings it is stated that the life span of Men shortened over the years. From Emil’s findings this becomes evident. The slightly higher bar to the right represents Aragorn who was granted longer life after the death of Sauron.

View these two graphs and more at LotrProject.

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