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    • asktoybox

      The association of the LBG movement comes mostly from the fact that we don’t have the numbers or pull to stand up on our own against this kind of oppression. Technically, you’re correct. LBG are sexual orientations while being transsexual is more accurately described as a birth defect, seeing as it is caused by a chemical misfire during the first stages of development in the womb. But, as a trans person myself, I understand the need to group them together. You have to realize that transgender rights are FAR behind those of the LGB community. They are winning marriage rights at the state level. We are still fighting for the right to use the correct bathroom in local communities. Even with the help of the LGB community we have a long road ahead.

    • asktoybox

      Being Trans myself and really having never watched the show, I cant speak on Piers Morgan’s character. From what I’ve seen, I do not believe he did anything ‘wrong’ in the sense that he attempted to twist anything. I’ve dealt with many people and the truth if the matter is that the majority of the world simply does not understand how being transsexual works. You have to realize that the only real idea people have of transgender individuals are Rupaul and Dr Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, neither of which are good examples of what being trans is. So I cannot really blame or get upset at people misinterpreting what it’s about. Many people take care to try and be non-offensive and it is part of our responsibility as transgenders to extend the same respect and realize that people simply don’t understand what we are going through and may say the wrong thing once in a while, and it is our duty to remain calm and not fly off the handle when it happens. That being said, let me attempt to explain how this works in the way it was explained to me and after some research into the subject. All fetuses are female at the time of conception, and the male sperm decides whether or not it becomes a boy or a girl. When it becomes a boy there are a series of hormone surges that kickstart the conversion process, much like pulling the string on a lawnmower engine. The brain and body both get these ‘pulls’ separately. On rare occasions, one of these pulls misfires and the conversion never starts. What this means is that, in thr case of Male to Female trans, the body starts to develop as a male because the process started, however if the brain’s hormone surge fails, the brain will develop as is: female. So what you have is quite literally a female brain in a male body. In the case of Female to Male trangenders, the opposite occurs. The brain kicks over and develops as a male brain normally would but the body never gets converted, leading to a male brain in a female body. So to those people claiming that “you were born a man”, this is only half correct. The body does develop on the same path as males usually do, but the brain is quite female to it’s core. It was never male to begin with, as it had never kicked over, and there is really no way to go back and redevelop it into a male brain. It has already been built and cannot be rebuilt. So the only option is to rebuild the body to fit. I hope this helps clear up some confusion.

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