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  • My Crazy Experiences As a Sex Chat Model

    I spent a portion of my life as a webcam girl for a sex chat site. During all that, I had more than my fair share of unusual requests from various men that watched me. I felt like sharing a few with you just for fun…

  • Worst Proposal Ideas Ever

    If you’re going to pop the question, you want to aim for romance, not shock factor. There is a time and place for proposing, and sometimes ideas just do not go over well. To avoid the blunders, consider these terrible proposals as an inspiration for what not to do.

  • 6 Reasons Ugly Girls Are Great in Bed

    If you didn’t know this already, ugly girls often make the best bangs. Sure they might not be the best things to look at in the sunlight, but who cares once the lights are off? Here are a few things to consider before turning down the next beast that comes your way.

  • 5 Tips for Making Women Horny

    Have you wanted to bone her with your boner lately, but haven’t been successful at it? You might be doing something terribly wrong. Avoid the mistakes and follow these tips to make your girl want to bang you like a bass drum.

  • Tips for Finding Safe Free Porn

    It’s hard to find “safe sex” when it comes to porn because of all the virus filled sites out there nowadays. Rather than infecting your computer in the midst of your pleasure hunt, just follow the tips below to ensure safe searching.

  • 7 Things Women Should Not Stick in Their Pussies But Do

    Have you ever noticed that some women have vaginas that are more like black holes than cum caves? There are just some things that should not fit in the human body, yet many women out there push it to the extreme. Here are some things that should not fit in between a woman’s legs but have actually been in there…all the way.

  • 5 Ways to Use a Condom Outside of Sex

    We all know condoms are great for keeping buns out of the oven, but do you actually realize the power in those latex things? Believe it or not, there are a ton of uses for condoms beyond being a boner bag. Here are some that you may find amusing.

  • 6 Signs That Say She Is Bad in Bed

    Have you ever gone to bed with a really hot chick who couldn’t tell the difference between your penis and the bed post? Some women just suck in the sack, but there are things you can look out for to avoid that. Here are some signs that indicate she’s a lousy lay.

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