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    14 Photos That'll Make Moms That Breastfed Their Kids Say, "Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt"

    There is crying over spilled milk.

    1. This photo of a mom who finally found a position that works.

    2. This photo of a breastfeeding mom's shirt which can't hold on much longer.

    3. This photo of a nursing baby who is clearly the boss here.

    4. And this photo which proves that it's totally acceptable to cry over spilled milk.

    5. This photo of a mom stuck under her child just a few inches short of the promised land.

    6. This photo of a baby who is having none of the small talk and he means it.

    7. This photo of the time a nursing mom wished her dog was more of a shoe guy.

    8. This photo of that annoying boob leakage that always manages to happen when you're out in public.

    9. And this photo of a cabbage stuffed bra because that swollen nursing cleaveage is real.

    10. This photo of a kid who will take what he wants when he wants.

    11. This photo of a mom using her nursing baby as a snack tray, because win-win, you guys.

    12. This photo of a mom nursing twins who literally has all hands on deck.

    13. This photo, which is basically the before and after for all of us.

    14. And this photo, because at least our kids will appreciate our sacrifices.