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    15 Kids Who Definitely Take After The Weird Side Of The Family

    Some kids are just born weird.

    1. This kid, who eats their chicken nuggets like this:

    cosmic_alchemy_designs / Via

    2. This kid, who had a really specific birthday request:

    Dr. Belanger / Via Twitter: @RMBelanger26

    3. This kid, who knows how to have a successful potty visit:

    That Momma in the Desert / Via Twitter: @thatmommainaz

    4. This kid, who puts herself in the corner when she doesn't like your behavior:

    themoxiemama / Via

    5. And this kid, who gave their Anna doll the makeover of nightmares:

    ange110 / Via

    6. This kid, who took all the paper towel rolls out of the plastic and then wrapped herself in it:

    cristina_medeiros86 / Via

    7. This kid, who definitely belongs in a horror movie:

    Joya / Via Twitter: @kubileya

    8. This kid, who made their mom sign a waiver before giving her a back rub:

    threeringcircus10 / Via

    "I'm not going to be in court for accidentally hurting you and you going to the hospital."

    9. This kid, who doesn't exactly believe in stranger danger:

    Kristin / Via Twitter: @FeralCrone

    10. And this kid, who put his mom's pantyliners on the pony, because why not:

    ashleyrose208 / Via

    11. This kid, who wanted to make the most of having a sectional couch:

    12. This kid, who ate some peanut butter and snuck the spoon back in the drawer:

    christinemcilhenny / Via

    13. This kid, who left their family a note to not throw out the empty pickle jar:

    regularcoolmom / Via

    "And yes, I know this jar is empty but I like to drink pickle juice plain. THANK YOU!"

    14. This kid, who has a very random naptime tradition:

    My kid likes to take naps on the front porch on a sled with bike helmet covered in green felt. #MyKidIsWeird

    15. And this kid, whose drawing raises a lot of questions and not enough answers:

    salty_as_cyn / Via