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Dude, These Hilarious Grandmas Are Dropping Knowledge That'll Totally Make You Reevaluate Your Life Choices

They've lived. They've learned.

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1. They're dropping knowledge on being true to yourself:

Orphaned Annie / Via Twitter: @orphaned_annie

2. On having the upper hand:

Holly Woodrum / Via Twitter: @hollywoodrum

3. On watching your back:

MartinisAndBaseball / Via Twitter: @dirtymartinigal

4. And on 2017:

Natasha Riveron / Via Twitter: @tashariveron

5. They're keeping it real about self-awareness:

princess / Via Twitter: @kellinoelprince

6. About problem-solving:

Tiffanyk_07 / Via Twitter: @Tiffanyk_07

7. About how you know he's the one:

3 Golden Sisters / Via Twitter: @3goldensisters

8. And about what to do after you've got him:

Kelsey Prolex / Via Twitter: @PepeLeProo

9. On honesty:

aleeshia / Via Twitter: @sinsleazy

10. On those damn catch twenty-twos:

not joan cusack / Via Twitter: @ellaquencex

11. On being prepared:

Madi Carley / Via Twitter: @MadiCarley

12. And on the pursuit of happiness:

Amanda Kohlhopper / Via Twitter: @IBeBubs

13. On choosing your friends wisely:

That One Guy / Via Twitter: @SmartAleecc

14. On looking toward the future:

15. On how to get through tough times:

Emperor Elena / Via Twitter: @Elena_Barron

16. On settling down:

caitlin / Via Twitter: @cstuckey1D

17. And they're giving us total gems that only a Grandma can:

Omar Essawi / Via Twitter: @OmarEssawi

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