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    Updated on May 31, 2020. Posted on May 27, 2020

    15 Seriously Funny Wives Whose Jokes Will Either Keep Them Married Or Get Them Divorced

    Wifey got jokes.

    1. This wife, who knows how to pay her husband the ultimate compliment:

    2. This wife, who snuck a little surprise onto her husband's shorts:

    3. This wife, who knew how to make sure her husband didn't get lonely when she went out of town:

    4. This wife, who legit made some Playdoh poop and put it next to the toilet to freak out her husband:

    5. This wife, who left this note in her husband's work notebook for him to see when he opened it during a meeting:

    6. This wife, who put this very conspicuous sign above the toilet:

    7. This wife, who got, er, creative with the condiments on her husband's wrap:

    8. And this wife, who played the sarcasm card on social media:

    9. This wife, who almost did something really nice:

    10. This wife, who wrote these hilarious Post-its after her husband's vasectomy:

    11. This wife, who put her spelling skills to work with her husband's SpaghettiOs:

    12. This wife, who called out her husband's dating history:

    13. This wife, who had this pillowcase custom-made for her husband:

    14. This wife, who knows how to get on her husband's calendar:

    15. And this wife, who wished her husband a happy anniversary in the creepiest way possible:

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