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    17 Wives Who've Totally Mastered The Art Of Trolling Their Husbands

    They're taking no damn prisoners.

    1. This wife, who got her husband a Valentine's Day cake with this sweet message:

    lxnike / Via

    2. This wife, who knows how to dress sexy for her husband:

    kezmondray / Via

    3. This wife, who gave her husband a leaf blower when he asked for more blow jobs:

    whurley / Via

    4. This wife, who fulfilled her husband's request for a "little something" to eat:

    werezombie / Via

    5. This wife, who has some feelings about her husband's pain tolerance level:

    jonesofig / Via

    6. And this wife, who knows who's boss in the relationship...her:

    autumn_michelle / Via

    7. This wife, who took a dig at her husband's dating history:

    ashlieghmatias / Via

    8. This wife, who intentionally mismatched all of her husband's socks after he poked fun at her OCD:

    thesubtlemummy / Via

    9. This wife, who put this on her husband's side of the bed after he forgot to empty the diaper pail:

    essentiamermaid / Via

    10. This wife, who put a warning sign above the toilet her husband frequents:

    raegner / Via

    11. And this wife, who left a little message for her husband on the toilet paper:

    auf46qm / Via

    12. This wife, who left her husband a sweet toothpaste message on the morning of his vasectomy:

    gwu_mrw / Via

    13. This wife, who wants to make sure her husband doesn't let his guard down:

    k_ink_tattoo / Via

    14. This wife, who not only hacked into her husband's phone to post this Facebook status, but also loaded a period tracker app while she was at it:

    Joel Muddamalle / Via

    15. This wife, who reached all the way back to the 80s to prank her husband:

    Missi Wimberly / Via Twitter: @missiwimberly

    16. This wife, who sent her husband this hilarious text:

    yikesitskerri / Via

    17. And this wife, who had the most savage response in the history of savage responses:

    mrcraigbro159 / Via