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    15 Mothers- And Fathers-In-Law Who Are So Wholesome My Heart Hurts

    Protect these in-laws at all costs.

    1. This mother-in-law, who hung this sweet baby Jesus ornament on her tree and didn't understand why her family thought it was a severed toe:

    JoshuaHubert / Via

    2. This mother-in-law, who asked her kids about this questionable symbol that her students kept drawing:

    crp0120 / Via

    3. This mother-in-law, who keeps a framed photo of Tom Selleck on her kitchen wall:

    SmushyFaceQuoopies / Via

    4. This future mother-in-law, who got her son's girlfriend a cookie cake with a bottle of champagne popping on it, but it turned out a little less innocent looking than she intended:

    CreedBratton82 / Via

    5. This father-in-law, who still creates this "Santa was here" Christmas Eve scene for his 26-year-old daughter:

    deathcastle / Via

    6. This mother-in-law, who crocheted a holiday sweater for her daughter-in-law's snake, complete with a Santa hat:

    mllkey11 / Via

    7. And this mother-in-law, who crocheted an entire chair and matching quilt for her grand-cat:

    ThisIstheOnly / Via

    8. This mother-in-law, who had this response to her son-in-law texting her GIFs:

    PaulinaDedaj / Via Twitter: @PaulinaDedaj

    9. This father-in-law, whose wife was away for three weeks visiting their daughter- and son-in-law, so he sent her flowers with this message:

    GavinWakeUpCall / Via

    10. This mother-in-law, who got her son-in-law this gift for Christmas and made some adjustments to the packaging:

    Dillykittn / Via

    11. This mother-in-law, who came through with some ideas to help her daughter-in-law get pregnant:

    12. This mother-in-law, who wasn't sure why her Kindle wouldn't charge:

    gumball_Jones / Via

    13. And this mother-in-law, who was complaining that her "pencil sharpener" wasn't working:

    YabbaDabbaDoofus / Via

    14. This father-in-law, who still refuses to take the plastic off his tablet a year later:

    nerdabelle / Via

    15. And this mother-in-law, whose son- and daughter-in-law had to cancel their wedding due to the pandemic, so she created this at-home sweetheart table for them on what would have been their wedding day:

    c_zim / Via

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