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We Wanna Know The Thing That Surprised You Most About Giving Birth

Tell us the thing that caught you totally off guard.

You always knew childbirth was going to be, well, intense.

But to be honest, there was probably a thing or two about having a baby that caught you totally by surprise.

So we want to know what surprised you about childbirth.

Maybe you expected your contractions to be extremely painful, and you hardly felt a thing.

Or perhaps you totally pooped on the table, and it caught you wayyyy off guard.

Maybe you were shocked that "back labor" is a thing — and that it can be worse than the regular labor...

How much you bled after it was all said and done...

Or just how empowered you felt during and afterward.

Or perhaps the biggest shock of them all was just how quickly you wanted to do it all again.

Whatever surprised you most about childbirth, we want to hear it! Tell us about it (and be sure to elaborate!) in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!