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Ever Wonder What It's Like To Have A C-Section? Ask Me, I Had One!

What exactly goes on behind that blue curtain?

Hi, I'm Asia, and I have two beautiful twin daughters who were delivered by C-section.

Asia McLain/BuzzFeed

I had my C-section at 37 weeks pregnant, and one of my twins (Baby B) was breech.

And before my C-section, I remember having a lot of questions I wished someone who'd already been through it could answer for me.


Like how many people are in the OR and what does it feel like to literally have your arms strapped down while they dig around inside your body?


And is it true that they take your organs out and put them on the table so they can get to your uterus?


What exactly is an abdominal binder, and if you remove it afterward, will your insides spill out?

Or what about that scar? How prominent is it, how long is it visible, and does it make you self-conscious?

And was there anything unexpected that happened during your C-section that you weren't prepared for?


No matter what you've always wondered about having a C-section, I'll answer candidly from my own experience. So ask away in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or an expert, and I can only share what my experience having (and healing from!) one was like. My experience is only my own, and doesn't represent the experiences of all people who've had cesareans. K, bye!