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    15 Seriously Funny Kids Who Don't Care If You Think They're Weird

    They make no apologies for their weird decisions.

    1. This kid, who only eats the centers of the squares on their waffles:

    2. This kid, who used their mom's nipple shield as a hat for their action figure:

    3. This kid, who used disposable gloves to make slippers:

    4. This kid, whose parents have to draw Paul Stanley (from Kiss) on food to get them to eat it:

    5. This kid, who prefers to drink their cola from a condiment cup:

    6. This kid, who bit their apple into this creepy character:

    7. And this kid, who likes to look at portraits of herself close-up:

    8. This kid, who requested a carrot-only taco for dinner:

    9. This kid, who trimmed their fingernail into a crown:

    10. This kid, who keeps this collection of Lego heads — yup, just the heads:

    11. And this kid, who arranged some sort of shady stairwell deal with their American Girl dolls:

    12. This kid, whose preferred pancake topping is ketchup:

    13. This kid, who eats donuts like this:

    14. This kid, who opens card envelopes like this:

    15. And finally, this kid, who eats onions like apples and doesn't care who knows it:

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