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    25 Married People Shared The Things They Regret Doing At Their Weddings

    "Inviting certain people just so we didn't offend them, only to have them show us exactly why we didn't want to invite them."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their wedding regret, and their responses were eye-opening and oh so real:

    1. "Wearing white! I hate how I look in white, so I was so uncomfortable, and I felt like a giant marshmallow all evening.

    2. "Inviting certain people just so we didn't offend them, only to have them show us exactly why we didn't want to invite them."


    3. "We found our photographer on Craigslist. We were on a budget, her portfolio looked good enough, and she gave us a great deal, but she absolutely ruined our wedding photos.

    4. "My father passed away a while ago, and he'd always told me he would want to dance with me to 'Moon River' at my wedding. Well, when my wedding day came, I thought about remembering him by having everyone join in a family dance to that song, but I was too scared it would bum people out. I regret it all the time."


    5. "Choosing my maid of honor based on a promise I made with my childhood friend to be maid of honor at each other's wedding.

    6. "Drinking too much during our reception β€” my husband and I spent our first night as a married couple on the hotel bathroom floor, sharing the toilet."


    7. "I regret staying in a separate place from my husband the night before our wedding. We had already been living together for three years, and being apart created so much unnecessary anxiety."


    8. "Not having a specific list of photos I wanted taken for my photographer. I figured, since he was a professional, he knew what to do. And now I'm heartbroken that I never got a portrait with my dad, who passed away a few years later."

    9. "I really wish I had hired a planner. I thought I was saving money by not having one, but the money would have been worth the stress a planner would have saved me."


    10. "Letting kids come to the wedding. We made a kids table with coloring books and board games that we hoped would keep them entertained, but they didn't touch any of it, and some of them even ended up having tantrums. Big nope.

    11. "I wish we had a receiving line after the ceremony. We ended up spending so much of our reception greeting people instead of doing what we really wanted."


    12. "I regret not spending the money to get a videographer. While my dad was giving me away, he said something absolutely hilarious that made everyone laugh. He passed away six months after our wedding, and I don't remember what he said. Because I didn't get a videographer, I may never remember."

    13. "Expecting it to be the best day of my life. It wasn't, and that's OK.

    "If my husband and I hadn't experienced a better day since that, that would suck."


    14. "I regret deciding to abandon the book-themed wedding I wanted because everyone else thought it was dumb. Our deep love of books has always been the thing that unites me and my partner."

    15. "I wish I had spent more one-on-one time with my fiancΓ© before our wedding. With our family in town and last-minute errands to do, the week of the wedding was so stressful. I really wish I could have enjoyed being engaged more that week."


    16. "I regret hiring friends as vendors. I had received the advice not to work with friends so many times, but thought, Nah β€” my friends are professionals. Well, all of the vendors I had issues with were friends. And it was really awkward to confront them after my wedding, especially when I needed to ask one of them for a refund."

    17. "Getting married at the courthouse. We always planned to have a ceremony and reception later, but it never happened. And I wish I had gotten to wear a wedding dress and have my dad walk me down the aisle."


    18. "I regret letting our parents make it all about them and their wants and needs β€” they were total 'parentzillas.'"

    19. "Not having the ceremony in the morning. If we had, we wouldn't have had to rush through the photos because we were losing natural light."


    20. "The size of our cake. We only had 120 guests, but we got a three-tiered cake and an extra round cake on the side! There was so much cake left over! A single-tiered cake would have been enough."

    21. "I regret trying to take a 'funny' photo with my 270-pound husband on my back. A 270-pound man on top of a 120-pound woman resulted in a snapped ankle and us missing our own wedding reception!"


    22. "Assuming people read anything! I emailed all our families individualized itineraries for the weekend so they knew when we needed them, and no one read their emails! I was fielding questions, texts, and calls all weekend β€” it was so frustrating."

    23. "I wish I had been more assertive with my vendors. For example, my florist suggested a few yellow flowers in my bouquet, which I didn't really want, and my DJ played some awful songs at our reception. Looking back, I wish I hadn't caved in to them because I wanted to be an easy bride."


    24. "I wish we hadn't done the stupid cake-face-smash thing to each other. In the moment, it was fun and everyone laughed, but pretty much the next day, I already wished we hadn't. Ugh at us."

    25. "I really wish I had actually stopped to enjoy the night. I was so concerned with making sure everything turned out exactly as I envisioned that I barely got to eat dinner, barely spoke to anyone, and didn't even get to try my cake until the next day!"


    Do you have any wedding regrets or just something you wish you had done differently at your wedding? Tell us in the comments, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.