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    This Mom And Her Kids Accidentally Crashed A Classic Car Parade And It's So Hilariously Relatable

    "I realized I'd just signed myself up to participate in a car rally in my basic soccer mom Chrysler Town and Country."

    This is Tara Blaesing and her five kids: Noel, 9; twins Ben and Imogen, 5; Alex, 2; and Josephine, 9 months. Like many of us parents, Tara has been quarantined at home with her kids along with her husband, Scott β€” who's a stay-at-home dad β€” and trying to manage her kids' distance learning and her job.

    Tara Blaesing / Via

    "My husband has been great at trying to keep the kids from banging on the door of the bedroom all day β€” but I can't count the number of times I've had to keep a carefully neutral look on my face during a Zoom call while one or more screaming children were trying to break down the door to get to Mama!" she told BuzzFeed.

    So when a Facebook friend shared an invitation she'd marked herself interested in β€” for the "Show Some Love. In Town Car Cruise" that would be lining up at the kids' school β€” Tara didn't look too closely before deciding that she and the kids were in. "I thought it would be fun to participate to get the three middle kids out of the house and give my husband a little peace and quiet," she told BuzzFeed.

    But as soon she pulled up to the school, Tara realized she'd actually misunderstood the invitation. "It's then that I notice that EVERY SINGLE CAR THERE is either some sort of hot rod muscle car, vintage, or really super fancy. In other words, I have just signed myself up to participate in a car rally in my basic soccer mom Chrysler Town and Country," she said in her Facebook post.

    "I soon realized 'car cruise' is a well-known term used in car club circles, and that my friend had marked herself as 'interested' to watch the cars, not to be a participant!" Tara told BuzzFeed.

    Tara Blaesing / Via Facebook: tarablaesing

    "So I panicked, and I quickly pulled into a parking spot to figure out my next move. But looking in my rearview mirror, my kids were so excited about being in a parade, so I knew I had no choice but to just go for it. So I snapped a few pics to send to my mom friends, and when the cars began to pull out of the lot (to start the parade), I just put an embarrassed smile on my face and followed," Tara told BuzzFeed.

    Tara Blaesing / Via Facebook: tarablaesing

    "To this day, the kids still don't realize we were different than any other cars β€” they just think they are Facebook-famous for being in a parade!" she said.

    Tara's hilariously relatable mom fail has been shared 18,000 times on Facebook and, of course, gotten her a few extra points with her kids, who think it's cool to see themselves in a viral Facebook post.

    Facebook: tarablaesing

    "Our oldest says he's not embarrassed, but we think he might be lying a bit," she says.

    But Tara told BuzzFeed she's most impressed with the large community of parents who responded to her post and said they could totally see themselves in her shoes. "I think the best thing that has come from my little 'oops' is the positivity it has generated," she said.

    Tara Blaesing

    "Sharing anything on social media can be a very vulnerable spot to be in because there is so much mom-shaming, and I even debated sharing the post. But when I scrolled through the comments, I saw people from all walks of life coming together to share a laugh and make a mom who wonders daily how she is going to not mess up in raising five little humans feel like she did something right. And that's all any of us are trying to do, right?"

    Yes, Tara, you're absolutely right. Hang in there, Momma! You're awesome, and we're all in this together!


    By the way, Tara is the regional manager of donor recruitment for the Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin, and they are in immediate need of blood donors because of the coronavirus pandemic, so if you're in the area, check out the locations where you can donate HERE.

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