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    19 Disney-Themed Things You Can Do At Home If You're Seriously Missing The Parks

    They're making their homes the happiest place on Earth.

    We asked Disney Parks fans in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they're doing to re-create that Disney magic at home while the parks are closed, and here are the creative things they're doing to cope with those major Disney withdrawals:


    1. Some are designating weekly "Disney at home" days, re-creating what a full day at a Disney park would be like:

    Noemi Cetz / Via Facebook

    "We always spent our Sundays at Disneyland, but since the parks are closed now, we make our Sundays 'Disney at home' days. Last Sunday we got dressed up, put on our Mickey ears, made Mickey waffles, and watched POV-ride videos from our couch. It was so much fun!"

    —Noemi Cetz, Facebook

    2. Some are re-creating rides at home in a seriously epic fashion, like this viral backyard version of Indiana Jones Adventure:

    Facebook: 100002046953695

    "We were supposed to go to Disneyland the week they announced they were closing, so we re-created the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at home!"


    3. Many are using Disney Parks recipes and copycat recipes to re-create their favorite snacks, like these Mickey beignets:

    4. And these homemade cinnamon rolls, inspired by those at Gaston's Tavern at Disney World:

    "Tastes like Disney World, even if we can’t go on vacation!"


    5. While others are going all out in re-creating Disney Parks shows, like this super-creative Fantasmic! copycat:

    Facebook: video.php

    "I made my own version of the Fantasmic parade in my backyard!"

    —Sydni Parcon, Facebook

    6. Some fans are making all their food Mickey-shaped:

    Jocelyn Splan / Via Facebook

    "Making Mickey Mouse–shaped sandwiches."

    —Jocelyn Splan, Facebook

    7. Or Disney-themed:

    "We're making Disney-themed snacks and watching Disney+."


    8. While others are creating relaxing Disney-style spa days at home:

    Jocelyn Splan / Via Facebook

    "I've been using my Disney Parks toiletries and Trader Sam's mug for Disney baths."

    —Jocelyn Splan, Facebook

    9. Brides-to-be are celebrating their bachelorette parties at home Disney Parks–style, complete with Disney Parks backdrops and their favorite park snacks:

    Caitlyn Joan / Via Facebook

    "My bachelorette party was supposed to be this past weekend at Disneyland. Because we weren’t able to do that, my siblings and mom brought Disney to me!"

    —Caitlyn Joan, Facebook

    10. And other fans are displaying their Minnie Mouse ears on the walls of their homes:

    Cassondra Cruz / Via Facebook

    —Cassondra Cruz, Facebook

    11. Some are simply wearing Disney clothes around the house:

    Jayme Johnson Barker / Via Facebook

    "I'm literally trying to wear an article of Disney clothing every day and drinking out of my Disney mugs every morning."

    —Jayme Johnson Barker

    12. And other Disney Parks fans are relishing the hidden Mickeys they find around their homes:

    David Skotte / Via Facebook

    "Looking for hidden Mickeys around the house!"

    —David Skotte

    13. Parents who are fans are using their kids' toys to create small-scale models of the parks...

    Alina Sauceda Ortiz / Via Facebook

    —Alina Sauceda Ortiz, Facebook

    14. Taking online classes with Disney's Animation Academy on YouTube with their kids...

    15. And setting up Zoom sessions with Disney characters for their kiddos!

    Ashley Powell / Via Facebook

    "My daughter has been video chatting with princesses and Rey a few times a week. She always gets into costume."

    —Ashley Powell, Facebook

    *Not sure how they pulled this one off, but if your kids could use a little virtual Disney character fun, you can call the Disney Bedtime Hotline now through April 30th to get a special bedtime message from Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, or Goofy — so cool!

    16. Some people are working on Disney puzzles at home to help with their boredom:

    Leigh Gaston / Via Facebook

    —Leigh Gaston, Facebook

    17. And some are just plain throwing their ears on to hang around the house:

    Jocelyn Splan / Via Facebook

    —Jocelyn Splan

    18. And still others are creating epic versions of Disney parades, like this cute at-home version of the Main Street Electrical Parade!

    Facebook: video.php

    —Sydni Garcon, Facebook

    19. Lastly, some Disney Parks fans are coping with their withdrawals by making plans for the future:


    "I'm just doing things that need to be done around the house so I'll have more time to spend at the parks when they reopen."

    Hang in there, Disney Parks fans! And in the meantime, check out the Disney Magic Moments website, where you can find virtual ride-throughs, character drawing tutorials, and more at-home Disney magic!

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.