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16 Totally Real Things Every Mom Misses About Being Pregnant

It wasn't all aches and pains.

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1. Feeling the baby kick for the first time, and every time after that, too.

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There was absolutely nothing like feeling your baby move inside you. And, oh, the overwhelming feels when you realized they were responding to your voice.


8. And all the help from friends, strangers, and everyone ever.


People were jumping at the chance to open your doors, carry your bags, or update your Facebook status for you, and all you had to do was exist and look pregnant.


9. The marathon napping sessions.

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You napped like a goddamn champion when you were pregnant and these days, your "sleep", for lack of a better word that means no sleep, is a lot shorter and a lot lighter.

11. Getting all the attention...or just any at all.


You weren't complaining when people were fawning all over you and your preggo belly, and now it's all about the kids. Now you know how your partner feels, and you're totally not here for it.


16. And having a physical connection with your baby that no one else can.

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But the good news is, even though you have to share your kiddo with the rest of the world now, there's no bond that will ever replace yours. You invested nine months into it, after all!