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    These Are The Hottest Twins On Instagram

    You're welcome. Times two.

    1. Jordan and Zac

    jordanandzac / Via

    These Australian-born hotties are male models (duh!) who have appeared in Vogue and just launched their own YouTube channel. Try not to drool when you hear their sexy AF Aussie accents.

    2. Renee and Elisha

    reneeherbert_ / Via

    These stunning beauties also hail from Down Under, and if they look impossibly fresh-faced, it's because they are — they just turned 18 and no, you cannot.

    3. Alex and Charlie

    k2brothers / Via

    These guys are South African lifestyle coaches and fitness models because abs, and they frequently post highly inspirational Facebook page gems. And also, abs.

    4. Gilian and Eileen

    Instagram: @om_twiins / Via

    These gorgeous ladies are vegan lifestyle coaches and fitness trainers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and I'm giving up all animal products tomorrow.

    5. Larry and Laurent

    lestwins / Via

    French choreographers and hip-hop dancers that are professionally known as "Les Twins," these smolderingly-smizing dudes have performed with Nicki Minaj and the queen herself, Beyoncé, and sometimes, as insanely hot guys do, they also rap.

    6. Bia and Branca

    biaebrancaferes / Via

    Once Olympic athletes, these Brazilian synchronized swimmers have nearly half a million Instagram followers, and they have Roman numerals tattooed on their wrists so everyone who comes to their page to look at their wrists will be able to tell them apart.

    7. Nicolas and Alessandro

    Nicolas Hasni / Via

    These guys are globetrotting German models, and I promise you the perfect hotness in their Instagram pics is going to piss you the hell off. And also give you life.

    8. Oana and Andra

    Oana Damian / Via

    How freakin' gorgeous and poised are these jet-setting Londoners?! Oana's a fitness model and Andra's a marketing specialist, and I'm basically angry just looking at them.

    9. Marcos and Marcio

    Marcos Patriota / Via

    These guys are Brazilian models who are famous for pushing the envelope in their controversial photo shoots, but are humble family men with (just a hunch here) extremely happy partners.

    10. Ashley and Kat

    thehesstwins / Via

    These Bostonian beauties are fashion photographers and models whose mom is dating Bill Belichick, and something tells me they've caught more than a few eyes on the field.

    11. Dustin and Trevor

    the_jeppson_twins / Via

    These SoCal-bred chefs with Native American heritage are serving up major sex appeal with your meal. One's sexy holding a butcher knife. The other's still sexy holding a spatula and I have no complaints.

    12. Ayaan and Idyl

    mataano / Via

    These stunning Somali sisters are Brooklyn-based fashion designers who left Somalia at age 9 to escape civil war and have been steaming up America ever since. Seriously — that gorgeous skin, those cheekbones, and I can't even.

    13. Aaron and Austin

    rhodesaaron / Via

    These blonde hotties came out to their father together on YouTube in a video that went viral in 2015. They're like super-courageous, sexy boba-totin', furrowed-brow, gay Zack Morrises, which is my entire fantasy.

    14. Katya and Masha

    katy_twins / Via

    Supremely sultry in St. Petersburg, bringing the heat to cold Russian winters. And I'm guessing even a parka is hot on these gals.

    15. Lewis and Owen

    lewis_harrison / Via

    These twinternational bodybuilders do joint meal planning so that they maintain identical measurements, which may be the most adorable thing two sexy AF dudes can ever do.

    16. Debra and Joyce

    glenntwin_debra / Via

    These unfairly gorgeous ladies are actually published authors with accounting degrees, which is dope AF because beauty + brains = total fucking domination.

    17. And as a special parting treat for your viewing pleasure...

    ...our sexy twin chefs holding kittens.

    the_jeppson_twins / Via

    Because, well, HOT GUYS HOLDING KITTENS!

    OOPS: We've removed Bianca and Nika, because while they are gorgeous sisters, they are not twins.

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