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    These Are The Hottest Twins On Instagram

    You're welcome. Times two.

    1. Jordan and Zac

    2. Renee and Elisha

    3. Alex and Charlie

    4. Gilian and Eileen

    5. Larry and Laurent

    6. Bia and Branca

    7. Nicolas and Alessandro

    8. Oana and Andra

    9. Marcos and Marcio

    10. Ashley and Kat

    11. Dustin and Trevor

    12. Ayaan and Idyl

    13. Aaron and Austin

    14. Katya and Masha

    15. Lewis and Owen

    16. Debra and Joyce

    17. And as a special parting treat for your viewing pleasure...

    ...our sexy twin chefs holding kittens.

    OOPS: We've removed Bianca and Nika, because while they are gorgeous sisters, they are not twins.